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from beneath the bed…

October 29, 2018

you remember, don’t you?
those dark nights, long ago
when you were so little
barely able to be alone

you knew me back then
you sensed me, felt me
even if no one else believed
you could hear the noises

all that tiny scratching
right beneath the mattress
the whispers, then silence
as i listened to your prayers

what a brave young soul
to endure me to sleep
facing such uncertainty
without your nightlight

time and again, together
until the fear left you
until you wanted to see
to explore, to embrace

to know who, what i was
chasing me into adventure
inspired and encouraged
to let your thoughts soar

soon, a part of everyday
we would find our time
even if we had to steal it
sneaking out of classes

a wondrous imagination
discovered in those travels
seized each new challenge
growing bolder, stronger

it gifted you with a belief
in the magic of tomorrow
a belief you took to heart
in pursuit of all desired

it brought you happiness
a joy shared with others
with me, at least at first
but it would bring more

individual opportunities
achievement, possessions
all those people and things
that fill up a crowded life

and, somewhere, i got lost
somehow less important
than all you now hold on to
despite my once critical role

but i’m not sad or angry
not at all, i understand
and i remain, if unnoticed
loyal, though much ignored

you have what you want
the car, the house, the job
you don’t need my means
while the ends are secured

and i’m still comfortable
sleeping beneath the bed
though i do miss my friend
which is why i still scratch

it must have woke you
i’m so sorry, what is it?
are those tears i see?
could it be i scared you?


how the devil does halloween…

October 24, 2018

i sense the fear within your heart
and revel as it’s growing
is it just me, or could it be
you’ve realized where we’re going
pretty thing, it’s such a waste
to fill those eyes with tears
or squander breath on screaming
as your chosen moment nears
calm yourself and take my hand
it’s destiny, not choice
surrender to the darkness
the void, the way, the voice
no more struggles, no more pain
this is what you wanted
this is why you called me forth  
from the depths i haunted
ready now, your soul to bare
your body for consumption
moments from the ecstasy
promised death’s presumption…
wait…it is all hallow’s eve
and i, as is tradition
must provide this one reprieve 
but with a harsh condition
if you dare, we’ll play a game
of trick or treat instead
and for your reese’s pieces 
you can keep your weary head


the five second rule

September 11, 2018

there’s nothing good about it
this thing we bite or lick
we’re likely to regret it
we’ll probably get sick

but most of us still do it
we always have, and will
there’s something in our nature
which finds this thing a thrill

for in the act of falling
it’s made us want it more
as if we need to have it
because it’s on the floor

strangely, this same logic
explains a lot we do
like why you’re with that moron
and what i see in you

by way of explanation…

September 4, 2018

some are playing checkers
some are playing chess
some are thinking deeply
others merely guess

some can tell the difference
others never know
which is why you’re fired
and we’re asking you to go

the trouble with some models

August 27, 2018

she’s a stunning sporty model
with a beauty unsurpassed
and an engine that’s as gorgeous
as its size and shape are fast

she’s the envy of collectors
she’s the apple of my eye
but she isn’t worth the money
i would have to spend to buy

while her price tag isn’t crazy
and insurance can be bought
such high maintenance would kill me
it’s more money than i’ve got

she’d require constant service
to continue at her best
and ignoring any detail
would just hinder all the rest

so she’s not the type to count on
for most everyday events
or a proper long-term purchase
for a man with common sense

still there’s something so alluring
in the thought of that one drive
in the thrill of her, full throttle
with an open road to thrive

but, alas, these roads she travels
have their limits and their rules
each restricting exploration
of what serves as her crown jewels

and considering my options
only one appears as right
since she’s perfect for the moment
i’ll just lease her for tonight

cheating chronos

August 13, 2018

We all get hurt.  We all get angry.  We all get frightened.
At times, all we want to do is a little ‘primal scream’.
Many times, we don’t even mean what we say; we just need to say it.
Poetry is a great medium for such expression.

Years ago, I wrote as if I were a suicidal man in a debate with God.
That poem is found here:
The poem was well received – but some took it too literally.
As I said, it was just my form of ‘primal scream’.

In deciding to publish this latest verse, I thought I’d be a bit more careful.
So, I created a separate page for my darker thoughts to warn the reader.

Remember, it’s just a poem.

about last night…

June 17, 2018

she’s a devastating drama
with some tragedy mixed in
wrapped in such a pretty package
it could move a saint to sin

so forgive me for forgetting
to employ what sense i had
as to err is only human
and my judgment was just bad

in the moment, it was perfect
or at least that’s how it seemed
in the act of pure consumption
she was all i’d ever dreamed

but this morning she’s gone crazy
texts are blowing up my phone
and the only thing i’m craving
is some time to feel alone

cause she says she has to see me
and she needs me right away
like she can’t go on without me
like she can’t get through the day

it’s as sad as it is scary
to sense panic in her pleas
as she claims she can’t go home…
oh…look here…i have her keys

mixology vol. 2

May 20, 2018

This tale of a “strawberry stripper” is comprised of the often obscene names awarded to alcoholic drinks.

It is the same approach I used to pen mixology vol. 1 in 2011.  That verse is available here:

However, this new verse is probably a bit much for the main page.

Accordingly, the actual poem is found on a separate page entitled a bit too risqué:


wisdom crawled out

May 8, 2018

wisdom crawled out, beaten and torn
flailing about on the bedroom floor
begging for mercy, taking her life
swearing an oath to heaven’s despite

evil awoke, tearing its flesh
spitting up blood and stinking of fish
seizing itself like a ravenous beast
swallowing whole its lust and deceit

ashes to ashes, demon be gone
leave her the carcass of faith when you’re done
little is needed of meat on those bones
barely enough is more than she’s known

still, there’s a chance of the strength to go on
of making a meal from the scraps hereto thrown
drawing on something beyond all can see
rising, and thriving, through limitless pain

wisdom crawled out, beaten and torn
gathered herself in the girl on the floor
nodded to mercy, rescued her life
and swore a new oath to heaven’s delight

princess and the baby dinosaur

April 15, 2018

dinosaurs are very big
even in their baby stage
clumsy, awkward, often lost
out of place at any age

they don’t make the best of pets
costly to maintain and buy
but they’re loyal, brave, and smart
so they’re still in short supply

princess got one weeks ago
says she found it on her own
no one else had noticed it
though it made its presence known

hers, they say, is quite unique
does most anything you’d ask
but she rarely bothers it
or assigns the thing a task

she will lend it out, at times
when a friend is in true need
but only in those cases
where the dinosaur’s agreed

since she hardly uses it
some think she should set it free
no, she says, i can’t do that
he’s a baby…he needs me