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by the light of her eyes

April 20, 2010

divinity that sacred source
lends to each a single spark
just enough of warmth and light
to animate the cold and dark

deep within this ember’s glow
dormant lies innate desire
to grow, to rise, to strengthen still
heaven’s life-sustaining fire

yet none of all possessions gained
body, heart, or mind acquired
stirs this passion from its sleep
till the soul has been inspired

and all those conscious wants and needs
that motivate our everyday
being subject to our will
in time, each change or fade away

then something different, unforeseen
a circumstance beyond control
challenges our very being
Ignites this spark and wakes the soul

suddenly, in the conflict’s grasp
we view with greater clarity
what matters most to us in life
surprised, somewhat, by what we see

for all we’ve held or called our own
like ash and dust with us will go
but what we’ve chose instead to give
survives for future souls to sew

though weak, we find new strength to learn
the source, the spark, the soul, are one
the growth of all dependent on
not what we have, but what we’ve done

our kindness, patience, charity
expressed when we ourselves most need
is the greatest nourishment
upon which life itself can feed

such wisdom did I gain from you
when last I looked into your eyes
felt the fire in your soul
and felt my own begin to rise.

for my good friend Kim Anderson