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what matters

November 30, 2011

yours is mine as yesterday
was so much like tomorrow
and what will be
our tears foresee
in joy as well as sorrow

for everything is everything
and nothing ever changes
but time and space
a name, a face
and wisdom through the ages

which is to say, in some respects
the world is what we make it
its soul, its heart
so much a part
of we who oft mistake it


to becky, from her lawyers

November 20, 2011

its not easy to be patient
its not easy to be wise
its not easy to inspire
or lift hopes as you advise
yet you did it for us all
we who thought ourselves much smarter
as you taught us how our brilliance
often made our own jobs harder
you commanded, not demanded
a respect not often shown
expecting all to share the same
and treat each as their own
you fostered pride in what we did
encouraged each to be their best
but noted it was as a team
that our value was assessed
as teammate, coach, and pep squad
you built a dynasty
and every player playing
owes to you, in large degree
a debt of gratitude beyond
what simple words can say
for lessons learned and memories
that will a lifetime stay.