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June 17, 2016

in the wake of hatred’s ignorance
a trail of blood has stretched for blocks
flowing from the heart of unseen wounds
to plastic bags filled with hope and healing

tired, hot, and hungry – it waits
offering itself, body by body
purely human in essence and gesture
yet divine in its life-sustaining nature

it is us; stripped bare to the soul
in tearful flight past race, creed, and gender
to the arms of brothers and sisters unknown
holding each other, as families do

here, amidst this selfless sacrifice
walks the Creator, unrecognizable
inspiring as much by his presence
as by his brief but powerful anonymity


hate speech

June 2, 2016

so i don’t like you
and you don’t like me
for no other reason
than we disagree

on politics, worship
or points worth debate
where contrary views
are labeled as ‘hate’

by leaders and pundits
who now make their name
in deriding dissent
as a national shame

their views reinforced
by media whores
and facebook, and twitter
and bloggers galore

till everyone’s talking
too loud to be heard
till the message means less
than the fact it’s concurred

pushing us further
from all that we seek
by making it harder
for reason to speak