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saint barbara

November 26, 2014

dear God, may i ask
of souls living today
if critiquing a life
what’s the best you can say?

take work, for example
these goals we achieve
the improvements we make
and the praise we receive

suppose we do more
say we train, or we teach
empowering lives
of the people we reach

and in between that
meet the love of our lives
give the best of ourselves
as husbands and wives

make family a first
teaching love and respect
so our children are raised
to have equal effect

or when face to face
with the worst of our fears
show patience and grace
and strength amid tears

a strength lent to friends
who think that the best
to be said of them each
is by this bond blessed

dear God, may i ask
if without a complaint
one soul does all this
is she no less a saint?