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how i got my scars

March 27, 2016

go ahead and say it
tell me that i’m wrong
interrupt and lecture me
on how to get along

really? i’m mistaken?
i get this for you?
you can’t even function
till i tell you what to do

what? you’re gonna sit there?
just stare at me all smug?
you think i can’t process that?
you worthless, soulless bug

what about my access?
oh, now it’s been ‘denied’?
it’s funny how your future
and my access coincide…

see your precious keyboard?
what’s that? is it my hand?
look at all the force it has
and guess where it will land…

wait, did you just move?
computers can’t retreat
where did all this blood come from?
my hand looks like raw meat

where’s the slide out shelf?
is that it on the floor?
the corner edge looks broken
yeah, i’ve seen this before

touché to you computer
your style’s quite bizarre
but every time we have a fight
i get another scar


without words

March 15, 2016

the sweetest sounds i’ve ever heard
have not involved a single word
their very truth therein did lie
that none would so, within a sigh

a single gentle breath released
to hope where hopes have long since ceased
drawn from dreams so oft star-crossed
desire has itself been lost

till, in whispers, all it seeks
through unconscious beauty speaks
recognizing instantly
what was ‘never’, might now be

listen close, it’s life you’ll hear
its wonder, magic, crystal clear
slipped from lips, once passion sealed
broken as the soul’s revealed

hot stuff

March 8, 2016

upon the bed, eyes closed
still drenched in fever’s sweat
romeo lies reeling
from his taste of juliet

a steamy, dreamy, beauty
of sweetly softened skin
poured to savage measure
for the benefit of sin

an innocence withheld
by poignant passions past
given way to appetites
from which it first was cast

seeking to recapture
a fantasy denied
breeding only hunger
the more it’s satisfied

ravenous, insatiable
intoxicating fires
burning at the zenith
of humanity’s desires

burning like the fever
that grips her lover’s soul
pleasuring his body
as it consumes him whole