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August 26, 2016

a memory, yet infinite
a moment out of time
a past still ever present
inspiring, sublime

the birth of love’s epiphany
provoked by happenstance
and perfumed moonlit breezes
which caused the waves to dance

we watched, we walked, we slipped away
to somewhere on the shore
moved by deep emotions
unknown to us before

we crashed, we fell, but rose again
to gaze upon the stars
to wade, waist deep, the ocean
as if this world were ours

i remember every breath
but one lost to a kiss
whose essence, should it leave me
is all i’d ever miss


breaking news

August 19, 2016

we never knew
if the stories were true
we simply believed what was said

so now all we’ve got
if it turns out they’re not
is the fact of our being misled

what makes it so sad
is our press is so bad
we can’t trust a thing that we’ve read

so we turn to fate
as fear turns to hate
and hope ends up wounded or dead