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where God remains

August 27, 2010

here, within these woods, I realize hope
moved by the sound of echoes so sweet
one’s heart and soul are soon persuaded
their deepest dreams may yet draw breath

these ageless voices, drawn to whispers
through the quiet strength of trees and lakes
speak of promise in such perfect pitch
that all who are lost should hear them

a resonance so mixed of heaven
that whosoever possessed of faith
in any small part, at any time
might lose the doubt that age calls wisdom

dwarfed by nature, it seems at first
as if in her majesty alone
one might witness all there is to see
full evidence of divinity

but as I knelt to pray, I listened
and the wind revealed itself to me
in somewhat less celestial tones
through spirits no less beautiful

for what is bound up in its breezes
are the prayers of children, young and old
who, like I, had cause and faith enough
to trust in thoughts of a perfect love

grateful am I for this hallowed ground
and all whose words of worship made it so
repeating as they do through time
with infinite inspiration

say other, there will always be a God
for both atheist and priest alike
have need of the healing I sought
when first I touched my knees to earth.