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February 27, 2011

what is it that makes her special
makes her presence felt so deeply
midst this talented collection
of degrees in arts and letters

could it be she is so careful
to observe the best in people
and to share those observations
with assuring inspiration

what accomplishment is greater
than to lift the human spirit
through such genuine expression
that one’s memory records it

none of all our so-called brilliance
ever shined nearly as brightly
as the light from thoughts we treasure
when our hearts seem lost in darkness

this life lesson did she teach me
while her own world was in shadows
when I stopped to offer comfort
but instead found myself healed.

for my good friend Heather Lewis upon her retirement 


mixed emotions (a limerick)

February 24, 2011

amid wedded strife
this husband and wife
together sat down to TV

the show’s theme discussed
mixed feelings and such
which prompted exchanges quite free

now honey, he said
you’re being misled
to think one’s both ‘happy’ and ‘sad’

no mind is so mixed
by what it’s betwixt
as makes one feel both ‘good’ and ‘bad’

replied she, you’re wrong
in a voice loud and strong
with a tale he surely remembers

and here’s how it ends:
I’ve been with your friends…
and yours is the biggest of members

on valentine’s day

February 13, 2011

listen, she said, and took my hand
as through the woods we walked
then promised me
revealed would be
love’s secrets as we talked

next, smiling, she spoke of all
that set our lovely scene:
so many things
from roots to wings
does this word ‘nature’ mean

and ‘love’, no less, while felt as one
emotion in our hearts
is something more
for at its core
lay many different parts

it’s friendship at its very best
in all it wants to share
but understands
that helping hands
at times can only care

it’s passion, hunger, unexplained
beyond a mere desire
its calming touch
means just as much
as when you feel its fire

it’s deep respect, a confidence
to which can be revealed
your pain, your stress
your helplessness
and in some way be healed

it’s faith in something greater than
the whole of all we are
so that we both
through change and growth
share wonder in the stars

and last, but most importantly
she said, and winked at me
that love so earned
is so returned
or it shall never be.