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the window

January 30, 2013

there’s a window in the attic
straight above
it’s a portal to the heavens
born of love

where we used to lay together
watch the sky
posing questions of creation
asking why

seeking answers to the mystery
purpose, role
for divining one so tiny
as a soul

what’s to harvest of the will 
sown from this seed
why breathe life into conception 
what’s the need

though we searched throughout the stars      
in long debate
not an answer that we found
could i relate

save conclusions that our search       
was somewhat flawed
and a smile and a kiss
are proof of God



January 17, 2013

laws designed to conquer hate
only serve to annotate
as the rights we abdicate
shadow ruin of the state
in our choice to legislate
where we failed to educate


January 10, 2013

the child, busied, deep in thought
took the pieces one by one
fitting each to images
as the puzzle’s box had done

nothing in the task itself
seemed to him to be much fun
past thought of finishing
something he had first begun

eyes kept steady on a prize
pictured by most everyone
down the well-worn path went he
past each rising, setting sun

till the pieces all were placed
and the man, now left with none
saw a picture, not his own
sensed a prize he’d lost, not won