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in the spirit of the holidays

December 16, 2018

the reason for the season, they say
is most often expressed in spirit
a faith in something greater than we are
a shared belief in more than ourselves

if we disagree on certain unknowns
as to just who, or when, or how
we seem to understand the larger why
at least – if only – for a little while

embracing the best we wish for all
for ourselves, our friends, our families
acknowledging the good in our fortunes
ahead of the struggles we face daily

we are, at times, what we hope to be
devoted to our ideals and aspirations
without ignoring the needs of others
especially those we love and care for

the perspective is not a new one
we have all gained it at other times
but those are usually times of loss
times first accompanied by sadness

this moment, this one time of year
we are gifted with our truest vision
sight of what is, and what could be
absent the weight of loss to obscure it

and we revel, each in our own way
in the wonder of all not yet understood
in those dreams, and schemes, and magic
which gave us hope when life did not

and we hold them close, like children
listening to a choir sing ‘silent night’
wholly unaware as the darkness falls
conceding itself to brightly colored lights


without words

March 15, 2016

the sweetest sounds i’ve ever heard
have not involved a single word
their very truth therein did lie
that none would so, within a sigh

a single gentle breath released
to hope where hopes have long since ceased
drawn from dreams so oft star-crossed
desire has itself been lost

till, in whispers, all it seeks
through unconscious beauty speaks
recognizing instantly
what was ‘never’, might now be

listen close, it’s life you’ll hear
its wonder, magic, crystal clear
slipped from lips, once passion sealed
broken as the soul’s revealed

absent flowers

January 22, 2009

it is so quiet now

even the breeze lay resting

on the trees whose leaves turn

fallen colors of faded rust


the change has come again

in its natural order

an evolution of beauty

as prelude to our beginning


we are as the seasons

subject to the tides of time

souls in metamorphosis

revealing our many colors


and this is our autumn

for love does not begin in bloom

but in that attractive state

preceding its first winter


there is wonder everywhere

in those first promises

the kisses that seal them

and the dreams they inspire


it seems as much as spring time

but school is just beginning

and it will not be long before

we encounter cooler weather


I realized this tonight

in our april conversation

though I said nothing of it

as we spoke of absent flowers


such a marvelous bouquet

picked with truest intentions

tied with a ribbon of faith

in something more than most believe


let the snow fall as it will

we will try our way together

having known, if only briefly

the sweet fragrance of true love

starry sight

January 22, 2009

flowing yellow gold

caressing crystal blue

beneath a darkened sky

Van Gogh first dreamt of you


cast of seamless passion

refined on heaven’s wheel

porcelain perfection

shaped as if surreal


set with gentle breath

a kind and loving heart

animated beauty

a living form of art


fragile in appearance

but tempered at great length

with courage and compassion

to forge an inner strength


as much is overshadowed

by nature’s starry night

your minor imperfections

are unseen in my sight


January 2, 2009

a walk along the water’s edge

a sandy moonlit beach

the city’s noise and violence

fade slowly out of reach


a symphony of wind and waves

consumes all other sound

the skies grow ever darker

and stars at once abound


in a moment, swept away

enraptured by the roar

nature overwhelms us

with need of nothing more


not a word is spoken

not an act is done

yet in silent vigil

our souls exist as one


December 31, 2008

somewhere between the dry and the damp

in the aftermath of a perfect light rain

the air seems unusually sweet

as if perfumed by nature’s renewal


it is a brief but precious moment

like your presence on Sunday afternoons

each having passed without fair notice

’til there spirit and fragrance converged


at the point of this coincidence

as you slipped, brushing across my body

I caught a glimpse of your smile

and felt the tempo of the world slow down


a gentle rush of warmer blood

seemed to reanimate my senses

lifting the dullness of life’s deliberate speed

to reveal the magic of its beauty


in the instant, two cycles were joined

by the common thread of rebirth

a cleansing of the earth and the soul

designed to ensure the growth of each


what a mastermind He is at this

these little trappings of the universe

and what a sense of humor in my case

that it be your slip that made me fall

ella duerme

December 30, 2008

it’s 3:15am

and you are so beautiful

at peace with this world

curled up in my blanket


transfixed, I seem nothing

like some selfless shadow

silently sustained

by your slow and steady breath


outside I hear the rain

tapping sonnets on the glass

uneven compositions

made sweeter by their imperfection


and I know it is fantasy

too much for our real world

whose strain discards these views

mocking the foolish romantic


still, as you lay inches away

I sense that very next kiss

might rewrite Shakespeare’s tragedy

reviving Romeo as Juliet awakes


December 30, 2008

what a chore was breathing

at that very moment

when you first appeared

standing in the doorway


I knew nothing then

and yet sensed everything

beyond the beauty

drawing deep from my lungs


straight into the whirlwind

beset by my emotions

I slip into freefall

with each remembrance


lost in this precious gift

this consuming recollection

etched across my mind’s eye

in the passing of an instant


a vision so complete

as repeats without fading

leaving me, without warning

occasionally, breathless