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January 29, 2009

we had a little dance

this pretty girl and I

drenched by rain and moonlight

beneath a darkened sky


a simple dinner date

a waiting list too long

while speakers on the roof

played Stewart’s ‘Motown Song’


reluctantly I led her

across a parking lot

as people covered by the eaves

observed our chosen spot


conscious of the audience

I stumbled quite a bit

embarrassed by my steps

I thought she’d like to quit


she looked at me and smiled

“are you not having fun?

rest your thoughts with me now, boy

I’ll tell you when we’re done.”


with that she held me closer

and moved our steps in line

by following the errors

I first had made in mine


from there we swept the asphalt

to music and to cheers

from couples who were laughing

enough to shed some tears


we missed out on our dinner

the ride home was a mess

but she and I now count this night

as one where we were blessed



January 29, 2009

a band of brothers, gallant men

fought upon St. Crispin’s Day

and yearly on the vigil since

have marked their feats with scars displayed


to some these wounds note only loss

memories of how each bled

healed by time but present still

reminders of the fallen dead


yet proudly honored are these few

remembered through the ages

their daring deeds, their noble cause

described in Shakespeare’s pages


and of the causes that move men

can love be less than war

given that the soul’s pursuit

at times moves even more?


think what dangers now await

would-be lovers in the night

where a dagger in the heart

strikes surreal with equal might


brave and virtuous are you

who risk harm for passion’s fire

why now hide the scars you’ve earned

in your sweet search for desire?  


of slings and arrows

January 27, 2009

I don’t ask questions anymore

feeling as I often do

like some purveyor of disease

preying on the lonely and the weak


no pity for this medicine man

gone from healer to assassin

through misuse of his elixir

by the desperately dispassionate


they crawl to temporary shelter

seeking but a moment’s pleasure

unaware their sanctuary

will lead to pitiful addiction


I confess my indifference

to their life’s pace and circumstance

is probably in part to blame

for this increasingly sad state


but I never knew regret

till I saw one reduced to tears

for loving as I imagined

when first my arrow hit its mark


surely there is some mistake in this

in the affliction of a pure heart

whose love but persists and inspires

this realm’s voice of the arts and Heaven


if there is no reward for such love 

mine is merely a failed enterprise

centuries of verse are hollowed

and faith is but a willful blindness


so I don’t ask questions anymore

but grow tired and unsteady

having suffered this sling too long

feeling ashamed each time I see you cry

an awkward proposal

January 27, 2009

in books they claim the mystery

is nothing more than chemistry

these elements called ‘you’ and ‘me’

reacting to a fantasy

of what our lives will someday be

if properly combined as ‘we’


it’s science, girl, it must be true

in fact, I think, I always knew

eventually I’d be with you

a thought, I think, that you shared too

though neither really thought it through

or contemplated an ‘I do’


but as it is, I think that I

cannot think of a reason why

we ought not now at least once try

to turn our souls loose to the sky

to give them wings, to let them fly

before our hopes and dreams all die


this really is all common sense

it’s just a new experience

to hearts so long perched on the fence

they fear all but indifference

until desires so intense

compel their futures now commence

all lit up

January 27, 2009

all lit up again last night

engulfed in my desires

pushed by passion past the point

at which a body tires


what foolish inspiration

surprises me to this

presuming something less

might follow from your kiss


patience breeds not caution

but feeds the hungry flame

embers too long smoldered

spark fires far less tame


such temperatures as reach

the flashpoint of the soul

through feverous consumption

can often burn one whole


this burning is like everything

there’s danger uncontrolled

but my heart so craves the fire

it seems easier to hold

criminal observations

January 24, 2009



operations of the mind

clouded by a powder

visions of a simple plan

visions of a desperate man

reach their zero hour


an unlit, empty driveway

a house that’s dark inside

a quick adventure thought

a quick escape is sought

so a window latch is pried


sleeping soundly in the room

Sally wakes to frightening sounds

a child torn from pleasant dreams

a child crying as she screams

silenced by 200 pounds


a tiny, lifeless body

left lying on the floor

John escapes before he’s seen

John escapes but at the scene

leaves his print upon a door


parents visiting a neighbor

hear their daughter’s piercing cry

rushing home, they find their child

rushing home, 9-1-1 dialed

agonized, they ask God why.





operations of the mind

clouded by a lack of sleep

visions of a simple plan

visions of a working man

out to catch another creep


a partial print is lifted

the clue leads to John Doe

police find John to question

police get a confession

it’s all they need to know


an indictment soon obtained

justice set upon its path

murder 1 is what they claim

murder 1 with John to blame

as the cause of Sally’s death


but the fervor is short-lived

as the trial is delayed

lawyers take long depositions

lawyers incite inquisitions

into how the case was made


soon errors in procedure

lead to evidence suppressed

as a part of John’s confession

as a part of that long session

should have stopped with John’s arrest.





operations of the mind

clouded by some inane rules

visions of 12 chosen folks

visions of judicial yokes

treated as if they were fools


a theory of the case is pressed

poor John is just a patsy

a druggie, felon and confused

a druggie, easy for the cops to use

wrongly held as all can see


no proof needed for this claim

to all accused, defense we grant

speculate, where’s DNA

speculate, John’s prints that day

were on file for the cops to plant


final arguments are heard

by the 12 left to decide

conspiracy is John’s chief claim

conspiracy, a simple frame,

everyone but John has lied


parents of a little girl

their faith in justice now at stake

wait in anguish down the hall

wait in anguish for a call

what choice will the jury make?



January 24, 2009

Romeo is dead

having lost his head

over passions pled

seeking beauty’s bed

like so many wed

theirs a love that’s bled

darker shades of red

so much left unsaid

that to this has led

speak then, Juliet

both of joy and dread

and wait till “first sight’s” fled

or lose yourself instead

absent flowers

January 22, 2009

it is so quiet now

even the breeze lay resting

on the trees whose leaves turn

fallen colors of faded rust


the change has come again

in its natural order

an evolution of beauty

as prelude to our beginning


we are as the seasons

subject to the tides of time

souls in metamorphosis

revealing our many colors


and this is our autumn

for love does not begin in bloom

but in that attractive state

preceding its first winter


there is wonder everywhere

in those first promises

the kisses that seal them

and the dreams they inspire


it seems as much as spring time

but school is just beginning

and it will not be long before

we encounter cooler weather


I realized this tonight

in our april conversation

though I said nothing of it

as we spoke of absent flowers


such a marvelous bouquet

picked with truest intentions

tied with a ribbon of faith

in something more than most believe


let the snow fall as it will

we will try our way together

having known, if only briefly

the sweet fragrance of true love

starry sight

January 22, 2009

flowing yellow gold

caressing crystal blue

beneath a darkened sky

Van Gogh first dreamt of you


cast of seamless passion

refined on heaven’s wheel

porcelain perfection

shaped as if surreal


set with gentle breath

a kind and loving heart

animated beauty

a living form of art


fragile in appearance

but tempered at great length

with courage and compassion

to forge an inner strength


as much is overshadowed

by nature’s starry night

your minor imperfections

are unseen in my sight


January 18, 2009

a simple social contract

between you and I and them

is the basis for our judgment

and the power to condemn


ordained by this agreement

we elect a privileged few

who oversee a process

designed to seek the truth


but the process, by its nature

cannot know of what it speaks

as the jury counts on others

for the wisdom that it seeks


and the laws we have created

to protect our civil rights

often authorize exclusion

of the proof it should invite


though we search for justice

with a very clear intent

the justice we achieve

seems a fiction we invent


yet credit our invention

as the best that we can do

for only in the heavens

is the judgment always true