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why, you ask…

July 27, 2018

at some point, the question
becomes far more important
than the answer received
or the events which follow

there are some things we must ask
inquiries which must be made
or our failure to do so
will linger, even haunt us

we recognize the moment
though we might deny it
though our thoughts might insist
there is nothing to be gained

the heart still begs otherwise
stirring the soul to seek
to stretch its legs, embrace risk
and fuel its strength of character

a reply to such questions
whether joyful, frustrating
disappointing or misleading
is, nonetheless, the answer

for the will of another
be it thoughtful or frivolous
is no part of who we are
in having chosen to speak

the choice is but a nod to fate
acknowledging long tomorrows
at a bar, a beach, or the end
at peace with our pursuits

we might be alone, just then
when we recall the question
or not, for much is unknown
which is why we bother to ask…


time muses (revised)

July 19, 2018

time is not our friend, she said
he never seems to care
never lifts the fear or dread
of his not being there

she would lecture him each night
tell him to be kinder
hiding in her bed alone
so he could safely find her

when her clock had run, he sighed
for all that he had lost
all he could have seen through eyes
that saw his role star-crossed

in mortality, he thought
his point’s too often missed
even seconds last too long
if used to just exist

pretty kitty puffy tail

July 17, 2018

pretty kitty puffy tail
used to chase the fishes
spawning in the bathroom stalls
after smoking wishes

an idle curiosity
chemically enhanced
celebrated, gratified
left her soul entranced

admiring advances
worn in favorite fashion
draped across the catwalks
as they moved her to the passion

kitty kept a private purr
silent to desire
clawing, scratching, constantly
as if consumed by fire

all that’s left of kitty now
litters sad confessions
seeking dispensation
for abusing her obsessions

lessons with mr. salsabor

July 5, 2018

life’s strange rhythm, ever changing
seemed to me a game of chance
till i watched a salsa master
teaching patterns for a dance

and i realized all worth learning
has a basic step to start
if you want to be successful
then the key is that first part

keep your balance, hold your head up
with your feet beneath your core
don’t leap forward, smaller strides
will permit you to do more

have a golden rule you follow
a philosophy, don’t bend
mark your place at each beginning
and the point you want to end

stay connected, always watchful
let your partner know you care
by adjusting moves your making
so the moment can be shared

if your leading, please remember
it’s a temporary role
where the spotlight’s on another
and their pleasure is your goal

be respectful and be patient
let it show in all you do
ever mindful of occasions
when the same was shown to you

feel the music, let it move you
keep its count, its beat, its pace
never rush, there’s time to get there
it’s a journey, not a race

and, above all else, be faithful
to yourself and who you are
don’t look down, for what’s approaching
are those dreams once thought too far