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quiet hero

April 30, 2013

i know a quiet hero
who’s asked little in return
for the wisdom and the glory
he has shared with our concern

he’s been humble, he’s been patient
he’s been helpful, he’s been wise
and he’s taught us, by example
to do likewise in our lives

in the stress of everyday
he’s the calming, reasoned voice
he’s the mentor, through whose guidance
we discovered each right choice

and at times, when we’ve been lost
he’s the spirit, he’s the rock
who could steady souls adrift
with a good old fashioned talk

but the most important thing
he’s been able to instill
is a sense there’s something greater
than the daily roles we fill

as his journey carries on
he leaves us a better lot
amidst memories and lessons
that will not be soon forgot


i’m sorry…

April 16, 2013

i’m sorry you’re a moron
i’m sorry you’re confused
i’m sorry for the half a brain
you’ve never thought to use

i’m sorry for my language
i’m sorry for my tone
i’m sorry that i wasted them
while we were all alone

i’m sorry you felt slighted
i’m sorry i was curt
i’m sorry my inartful words
did not more deeply hurt

i’m sorry for this letter
i’m sorry, but I care
i’m sorry, but it bothers me
you live so unaware


April 6, 2013

get lost, fall in
drink deep of sin
it takes you whole
consumes your soul
in time and time again

pursue desire
breathe in of fire
live love, lust, lie
but question why
thereby to all inspire

look close, see pain
grow weak from strain
withdraw, alone
feel lost, unknown
adrift in thoughts insane

seek aid, reach out
share fear and doubt
through charity
some evils breed devout

teach all, heal some
blind, deaf, and dumb
tell taller tales
reach record sales
till we shall overcome

get lost, fall in
drink deep of sin
it takes you whole
consumes your soul
till one is born again