a bit too risqué

I didn’t think this verse should be published alongside all the others…it was a bit much…so I created this separate page…    

wild beaver
one taste and you’ll discover
why this stimulating fare
has since become a favorite
of patrons everywhere
its flavor’s so exciting
it evokes a sheer desire
especially when slowly steamed
upon an open fire
this longer cooking method
helps seal the juices in
just as champagne, or beer, or wine
helps ply the soft, sweet skin 
it’s served like top grade chicken
that’s been sautéed in rich sauce
with a hint of salmon flavor
and a garnish much like moss
but like so many tender treats
its deadly, undercooked
and some have thought it ready 
just based on how it looked
so check your beaver often
be diligent, beware        
and in its preparation
be sure to use great care

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