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pc passions

January 18, 2018

my dearest earthly equivalent
forgive me my sin of observation
brief and measured to a proper aim
as regards your pleasantly pleasing form

in those intervals permitted by propriety
glancing, not gazing, upon your countenance
did i note the wisdom that makes beauty
of our generally shared humanity

what fair and meaningful thoughts now stir
as i, held captive by the depth of your being
contemplate that which expression warrants
in manners prescribed by our new social order

let not my notice or interest offend
for no desire dwells within their offer
beyond which acceptance might justify
through the practice of time and custom

i am no wanton fiend, no film producer
no lustful stare need i level to my cause
nor would mere eyes, or lips, or hips, or such
give reason to entreat you further

this said, let my wish be no more than yours
and our intercourse be as it delights you
till your whole be so moved in the union
it is forever softened to the ravages of life