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in our judgment

February 12, 2015

it’s good riddance, my friend
to the battle’s front line
to the blood, to the smoke
and the tears left behind

to the evils since slain
to the fires now quelled
to the rescues and raids
at which you excelled

for the value of each
is a part of you now
in character, wisdom
and friendships you found

together they’ve forged
with the aid of your will
the tools and the chance
to empower your skill

to serve the just cause
and the interest of those
whose freedoms or rights
are abridged or opposed

in this, we’re assured
to look back with great pride
on the source of the judgment
each time you preside


out there

February 7, 2015

there must be something out there
beyond what i can see
without it, there’s no wonder
no faith, no hope, just me

like visions of an angel
my childhood’s first view
of sights so strange and distant
of presence no less true

pursued but never captured
it holds its perfect state
inspiring this dreamer
to chase, participate

and search the whole world over
knowing all the while
i’m likely to discover
no more than God’s sweet smile