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poor boys

July 16, 2012

it’s something they lack
that takes them off track
to chronic, to crack
to the boost, to the jack
as they rush for a stack
till a buster busts back
and a real cardiac
fades their brief lives to black


lucifer’s lament

July 10, 2012

from heaven high above, the Dove’s
fiercely piercing eyes, like spies
watch over me, i’m never free
to shed this cruel disguise

so you, in spite of all i do
may never see the good in me
or ever know the lengths i go
to aid your deity  

but note, midst all the evil smote
before a soul could dwell in hell    
my life was saved, and i enslaved
to all, who like me, fell

for i, could not the Lord deny
when asked, when by His word was tasked
to your reform through role performed
with such intentions masked

and you, through actions cruel, untrue 
to your belief, your own relief
requires me, by such decree
to represent your grief

but strife, inflicted life to life
has each returned with lessons learned
till every soul attains the goal 
of all for which it yearned

so why, dear god, must i
be labeled so, an evil foe
when we both know it’s through such woe
all His roads to heaven go