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I want

March 23, 2011

I want, but I don’t
unless they just won’t
as if it’s the chase that I seek

and often the thrill –
when they say they will –
soon dies from this lack of mystique

it’s something quite strange
a radical change
for one who was rarely so meek

to feel passion’s lust
like ashes and dust
return to conditions so weak

but not a surprise
to your loving eyes
which noted without harsh critique

disinterest it’s not
but fear that’s begot
from havoc desires can wreak

no cure, but a kiss
you offered for this
as softly your lips touch my cheek
and somewhere, some part   
of my broken heart
was screaming it wanted to speak.


closing statements (2007)

March 17, 2011

as you wish Lord, I draw breath
waiting on a certain death
treading water, uninspired
feeling only cold and tired
no dare have I left to try
no tear have I left to cry
having done my very best
soon, I hope, you’ll give me rest