darker thoughts

NOTE: The verses published on this page are the poet’s version of ‘primal scream’.
They are not statements of intention or cause for concern regarding my mental health.
Sometimes, you just need to yell…

cheating chronos

if you were trying to scare me
you can stop now; you’ve succeeded
even my breath is conscious, labored
every step is heavy and unsteady

anxiety is all i have left
to mask my growing depression
as a consequence of witnessing
your savage assault on life’s finest

what could such beauty have done
that justifies the use of torture
or the constant infliction of pain
as a form of daily exercise

you could have easily come for me
but you didn’t – you coward – not yet
no, you’ll wait; just like you did for her
till i’m weaker and less inspired

and you’ll tell me it was a favor
a gift, to have those few more years
while you plot, and stalk, and smile
looking forward to your moment

there may be little i can do
to one with immortality
but a single bullet grants me this…
i can always choose to cheat you


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