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she makes me wonder

March 31, 2012

she makes me wonder
how much more there is
than the pleasures I’ve enjoyed
less the safety and the comfort
of the distance I’ve maintained

she leaves me hungry
for those flavors life’s concealing
ones so savored, briefly tasted
now recalled with bitter sweetness
amid far off thoughts of love

she makes me stronger
by embracing fear and weakness
as humanity’s occasion
to raise courage and endurance
from which faith draws its first breath

she leaves me hopeful
that a better person rises
than the one she kissed last evening
who received her heart completely
but held still onto his own

she makes me wonder
how much more remains
than the time my soul has taken
seeking safety, seeking comfort
at this distance yet maintained.



March 11, 2012

another day run on the hamster wheel
a little bit less is all that you feel
watching each promise, each dream, each ideal
end in some consequential ordeal
ignored though its memory lingers surreal        
in a conscience too weak for honor to steel
and a heart too empty for passion to heal
till nothing exists for time to reveal
but a prayer that the heavens permit an appeal