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March 29, 2013

thirty five years ago
lost on a road
lost in a bottle
about to explode

i held the future
the present, the past
all on a finger
my trigger steadfast

one single bullet
a still chambered beast
one single second
from being released

one single second
from agony’s kiss
to a temporal lobe
in a deep, dark abyss

and i should have done it
they tell me today
ended the life
that took yours away

but something of faith
it kept my hand still
it overcame anger
it overcame will

and still it remains
despite how i grieve
how i pray for an end
how i beg it to leave

and it sits, and it stares
with a presence like ice
waiting should i
make the same mistake twice


a good man

March 24, 2013

here, my friends
a gift for you
a man, a soul, good and true

walk with him
lay bare your heart
feel your sorrows lift, depart

talk with him
hear wisdom learned
listen, find you’re less concerned

share with him
know hope, resolve
be inspired, grow, evolve

stay with him
as he falls weak
find, for him, the strength you seek

then let go
his faith and love
holds you still from high above

and praise him
in the things you do
living as he taught you to

these words

March 14, 2013

there’s a failing, there’s a weakness
in our formidable vocabulary
for those descriptions of emotion
beyond their garden variety

at best, these words are mere reflections
brief images of an ocean’s surface
whose depth is as often misjudged by the listener
as it is concealed by the speaker’s apprehension

with a child’s conviction, we speak of ‘suffering’
the cuts, bruises, and stings of a day’s play
having yet to comprehend, even imagine
the varying forms of loss which follow time

so does the drama of humanity,
experience, exceed all a man can say
assuming he had courage enough
to intend revelation of his true heart

and love, to speak of it, oft means no more
than the recollection of those in conversation
whose memories, be they sour or sweet
subconsciously sway some imminent will

let us not ‘fall’, then, into these words
but use them, share them, learn from them
to create our own scene for a new drama
one lived the same as it is spoken

where the best of faith, love, trust, and respect
give each the confidence and ambition
to dive deep beneath that ocean’s surface
in search of the beauty we dreamed would be below


March 3, 2013

you have to understand
this change is for the best
we’ll be more compatible
compete like all the rest

it only takes a moment
to learn the latest tools
they substitute for intellect
make geniuses of fools

not a second’s wasted
the craftsmanship, the skill
can all be manufactured
while lowering the bill

the company’s expanding
by leaps and bounds each day
our increased productivity
has proved the better way

we’re breaking from the shackles
of time-consuming tasks
like dreaming of the answer
before the question’s asked

and so much more efficient
in everything we do
it won’t be long till we can’t think
of anything that’s new

you have to understand
how far we have progressed
from man’s imagination
to see it so suppressed