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for the moment

April 25, 2016

flying pigs have filled the sky
and the moon has turned dark blue
for the moment, it appears
i can put my faith in you

for the moment, i’ll believe
you intend just as you say
you can do what you have promised
no excuses, no delay

what a thrill, to see you working
getting something done so well
as these frozen lakes of sulfur
cool the fires here in hell

what extraordinary visions
fill my disillusioned eyes
as the sun sets in the east
and you’ve suddenly grown wise

such things, i have imagined
though, in truth, they’re too extreme
to expect they’ll come to pass
anywhere but in a dream


death and i

April 21, 2016

death and i, we used to play
when i was young, most everyday
and for his soul, i used to pray
when time, to work, called him away

back then, we took to such extremes
devising endless wild schemes
to mute our dark and haunting dreams
where shadows smothered silent screams

i saw him laugh, i heard him cry
i felt him bleed, the same as i
but never sensed he’d question why
or doubt the need for one to die

nor did i ask, nor he explain
his duty, purpose, or domain
for be they sacred or profane
my youth would neither entertain

and i, thereby, so unaware
left death to deal with death’s affair
save concern for his despair
when for my friend, i said my prayer

but as adulthood slowly neared
my friend, who shared this darkness feared
he left, and all the darkness cleared
as if, by him, once engineered

for years i felt so hurt, betrayed
to think that death, for whom i prayed
to whom i turned, when most afraid
had, by his hand, the darkness made

until, at last, i’d grown so old
my world grown bleak, and stark, and cold
slipped to darkness, fears took hold
and death, all smiles, in he strolled

he waived his hand, my world turned bright
he pointed toward a burning light
away from which my fears took flight
till none but beauty filled my sight

in tears, i looked upon my friend
and first began to comprehend
the life he managed to extend
when he did not, my darkness end

now death and i, we used to play
when i was sick, most everyday
and for my soul, he used to pray
so time, back then, would let me stay

quick questions

April 12, 2016

quick questions, aren’t
and rarely will be
little is easy
or simple, or free

and ‘best of intentions’
is merely a phrase
seeking forgiveness
for folly these days

yet some still survive
by relying on both
rather than training
or personal growth

i’m often speechless
to see them appear
begging assistance
to save their career

so here’s my advice
for the idle in need
try doing some work
and learn how to read