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the hammer of the gods, vol. 1

November 28, 2018

(when the levee breaks)

as the hammer of the gods
dropped its weight on bonzo’s drum
johnny blue began to flow
into vodka, gin, and rum

on a loop, the levee broke
to a steady, driving beat
while a circle all aflame
filled the room with passion’s heat

and a goddess unsurpassed
poured her whispers of desire
through the chakras to the soul
till the flesh could feel its fire

till the body, self-consumed
had no choice but to obey
to surrender to the will
of the goddess as she prey

with a deep and burning kiss
she laid bare a wanton need
one repeated as i knelt
that upon her i should feed

and the hammer, it struck on
to a weeping, wailing, moan
ever louder, ever deeper
till it nearly bruised the bone

till upon the twisting tongue
dripped a honey, bittersweet
to constant craving rush
to a luscious drowning treat

to a tearing, to a thrust
a carnivorous embrace
as the hammer, it struck on
ever stronger in its pace

till the heart began to gasp
for a fading, failing breath
with an omnipresent fear
of a fast approaching death

when the goddess, she collapsed
in a torrent fit of screams
whose bewitching bayed refrain
will forever haunt my dreams



November 21, 2018

that time has come once again
to reach out to family and friends
to share what is best
what is loved, what is blessed
to strengthen, to bond, and to mend

each year, some spirits will stray
some hopes, some dreams, slip away
but joined with whole hearts
those lost make new starts
as a part of what’s given this day

for whether you have or have not
it’s likely the best of your lot
is better defined
by your peace of mind
than anything else that you’ve got

and the greatest of gifts to receive
inspires the soul to believe
it can and it will
someday fulfill
the dreams it seeks to achieve

on my collar

November 8, 2018

i’m your basic junkyard dog
a guardian, not friend
i’m here for your protection
and trained to serve that end

i don’t play, i’m not a pet
i have no pedigree
what i do is dangerous
so stay away from me

you will hear my praises sung
my deeds, some catalogue
most of what you hear is true
i am a real ‘good dog’

but being good is not the same
as being kind or nice
you can love me all you want
but please take this advice…

those who choose to get too close
will find it a mistake
possibly, regrettably
the very last they make