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sub text

July 9, 2014

the world’s so close
it’s distant now
so much of us
seems lost somehow
in digital translation

ever present
all these thoughts
and words we share
are lacking in foundation

there’s no reference
there’s no context
or rapport
to support the conversation

in these shallows
we grow weak
we can’t feel
the same as speak
so we limit our frustration

by confining
our debate
while accepting
we relate
with convenient complication

life, hand held
it misses much
it subjugates
our sense, our touch
to mere articulation

arming language
till our bones
feel its sting
like sticks and stones
upon futures in creation


waking hungry 2014

July 9, 2014

little and weak
barely a squeak
creates his meek meow

unable to see
but faith has he
fed he will be, somehow