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looking down

May 30, 2014

have you ever been driving
on the interstate
bumper to bumper at 65

screaming at some idiot
who changed lanes
struggling against an Egg McMuffin

i used to do it all the time
my own mind racing
toward some challenge or confection

moving further and further along
putting distance
between life and its consequences

you have to do that, you know
keep going, eyes up
like the Flying Wallendas used to

there’s too much for the mind below
in the excess weight
of cancerous growths and hesitation

they coexist with our necessities
but we barely notice
provided we follow that one simple rule

and i had, save for the moments
when a loved one fell
adhered, walking with my head in the clouds

walking without fear…or understanding
reaching for the stars
till my journey had felt near its pinnacle

there, from a supposed lofty perch
i just wanted to see
how far, how high, how meaningful the trip

so i did, and i can see it all now
with new clarity
though i rarely find the courage to leave my room