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simply amazing

June 25, 2012

sometimes you’re amazed
by the simplest thing
like a walk in the rain
or a kiss on a swing
by the sound of one voice
in a whisper so sweet
its presence alone
makes your life seem complete
and you think to yourself
how the grandest of plans
was serving your heart
when it slipped through your hands
when it left you exposed
to the very same strife
that taught you the skill
to succeed in this life
how it opened your eyes
to a world filled with more
than those pretty yet petty
pursuits once adored
and ambition was moved
from the details of schemes
to the labor required
for realizing dreams
then, in that moment
though somewhat unclear
you sense there’s a reason
to why we’re all here


dirty ducts

June 18, 2012

a central chiller thriller
has set upon this place
a sweat breaks out all over
while in some tiny space
the culprit waits…and feeds…

our daily rat race rushes
from room to room below
while in each vexed contestant
anticipations grow
of danger…as it breeds…

they tell us not to worry
that everything is fine
but something’s clearly out there
and lives are on the line
as time…and hope…recedes…

it warmed the air this morning
filled ducts with choking dust
though most could work right through it
a few could not adjust
one’s body shakes…and bleeds…

we’re still in here together
with numbers somewhat less
and what will happen next
is anybody’s guess
the plague…for now…proceeds.