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the contented spirit

July 27, 2015

this shadow of a withered ghost
drifts in and out of consciousness
drawing its slow and shallow breath
from sweet but fading memories

images of one who truly was
if for preciously brief moments
someone, something, seen as special
through the eyes of promising youth

time and tired distance lengthens
as the bonds upon the soul slip
but here, amidst it all, is a sight
like looking down upon the earth

strange to see the order of it
that rough outline of the maze
sensing every twist and turn
every step and weekend lost

it must seem a curse to some
those fearful, wistful, empty hearts
tracing their few and simple paths
uncertain still where it all ends

but what a beauty is the life well lived
its stunning mosaic wipes away
the loss, regret, and ends of being
to reveal the long desired path toward home


be not fearless

July 26, 2015

love and faith may stir the heart
may comfort souls now lost
but each need strength and passion
to bear their unknown cost

in this, amidst life’s lessons learned
hold this as near and dear
courage serves both blood and breath
but withers absent fear


July 15, 2015

it seems i died not long ago
though few have since believed
the wiser man who took my place
has anyone deceived

he looks as much as i did
and often sounds the same
though little of his judgment
was ever mine to claim

we spoke but once before i passed
yet smiling he said,
“well done, my friend, i pray as much
is learned before i’m dead”


July 15, 2015

she’s only six, but she can see
the rolling waves, the endless sea
rest upon a boundless sky
sensing, without knowing why
all she ever dreamed were true
lay straight ahead, just out of view