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love, a rough cut

October 26, 2009

her presence, unassuming
seems to cut so straight and deep
it’s as if I were to bleed her
from a heart bared on my sleeve

a passion so revealing
it makes visible past scars
which, surviving lost intentions
wear a look more weak than wise

it leaves me hesitating
vulnerable, uncertain
as pursuit of such desire
puts this weary guise at risk

then something all consuming
like a sweetly softened fire
pours its warming anesthetic
to the parting of my lips

this kiss, it overwhelms me
in its rush to sudden calm
and suspends the doubting conscience
which withheld my fall to her

at once, the touch is healing
as divinity distilled
from a rebirth of the spirit
shapes the union of our souls

the bond, it works a magic
soothing wounds till faith’s restored
but this tentative elixir
needs the will of its shared host

and life is rough, unyielding
in its constant threat to sever
what emotions make essential
what, if broken, injures most   

 yet we’ll proceed believing
in each other, in our promise
in the fairy tale long questioned
by the wisdom of this world

as dreamers find the wonders
precious science often missed
through their simple act of searching
for a love they trust exists.