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i drink, therefore i am

November 22, 2017

(insight at 100 proof)

the more i drink
the more i think
the less i guess i know

as if my past
were scripted, cast
created like a show

my hopes, my dreams
just central themes
through which the actors grow

as roles dissolve
and plots evolve
while writers come and go


yet i remain
my role maintained
atop the grand marquee

its best, its worst
what’s blessed, what’s cursed
displayed for all to see

which makes me drink
which makes me think
while much is meant to be

i must believe
what i achieve
is left, in part, to me


introspectus universum

November 16, 2017

nothing is true till everything is
so gravity’s glue’s is now failing
leaving us all to rant at the stars
as if they were gods unavailing

possessed of the fruit, we tear at its root
by picking the bones of our brothers
willingly blind to its intertwined vine
except where it’s wrapped around others

like pitiful fools, we consecrate rules
to portion infinity’s bounty
leveling fields where everyone’s yield
would otherwise suit them quite proudly

a misguided course away from the source
of all intention and wisdom
till equal for all means equally small
reducing us all to mere victims

dear colleague…

November 9, 2017

the fact that i can’t say it
makes it no less true
and hiding from reality
is sure not helping you

if i could just be honest
i’d set you straight right here
but i would rather keep my job
than state what’s crystal clear

clear about your conduct
clear about your dress
clear about your attitude
and why you’re such a mess

what’s really truly awful
is how you still complain
whenever you can think of ways
your lazy ass can gain

hostile work environment?
you haven’t seen that yet…
but if you don’t make changes
it’s no doubt what you’ll get

sadly, we can’t fix what’s wrong
these rules are such a shame
preventing us from pointing out
that you’re the one to blame