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peace, within our time

March 5, 2015

its been nearly 80 years
since the voice of nations free
spoke the words of compromise
to the soul of tyranny

we learned then, with Chamberlain
no true peace can be achieved
at expense of principles
under threat or so aggrieved

who we are, what we believe
must not be the sacrifice
human rights and dignity
are not goods at any price

those who are and would be free
owe ourselves, posterity
exercise of that first right
through which freedom’s will ignites

let us speak, let all be heard
let our voices so oppose
those who threaten liberty
or dissent from which it grows

let the truth of history
in its darkest words and deeds
by this discourse, be so judged
till its tide of hate recedes

let our message not be lost
to convenience, want, or fears
though the path to peace be one
saddened by both loss and tears

lastly, let us not forget
lessons learned with deep regret
mere appeasement leads to crime
not to peace within our time