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January 20, 2019

it weighs on one
one worries so
one thinks it’s there
but doesn’t know

at times it’s hid
before one’s eyes
denied by truth
revealed in lies

for one dare not
admit it’s real
‘till others share
the way one feels

yet it remains
persisting still
as if one’s heart
might bend one’s will



September 27, 2018

i don’t know how to say it
i doubt i ever will
yet i sense this silence
holds something sweeter still

a moment more and passion
will overtake us both
embracing to a kiss
perhaps, one day, an oath

but nothing, more or less
is likely to compare
to all i now perceive
as this instant makes aware

if poetry possesses
the words my soul would don
i could not speak them anyway
for all my breath is gone

in love’s last words

May 28, 2018

things i rarely spoke of, they used to linger here
deep in the shadows of a good and happy life
so well hidden i never really dealt with them
their consequence, like silence, so easily ignored

perhaps that’s why they stayed, patiently waiting
trusting in a conscience they knew would prevail
and a strangely unwavering faith in redemption
certain they would hear their final exit lines…

i’m sorry; i love you, i will always love you
even though i feel i can no longer stay
even though you feel you have to leave
every promise, every vow, was truly spoken

i’m sorry, though the confession changes little
our stars were as they were; meant for no more
just kids, playing at life, at love, and lost to it
to a fire we had no wish or ability to control

it is the nature of youthful passions to ignite
to set the world ablaze and revel in its warmth
every moment meant for instant consumption
but in it, often, too much of ourselves is exposed

left to the unintended harshness of impatience
and the unforgiving insecurities of immaturity
things are said; thoughtless, empty, even hurtful
the weight of which the heart fails to comprehend

no such thing you would have said can i recall
but i remember my own, i remember your tears
and i remember that crippling soulless feeling
unable to take back, to heal, the wounds inflicted

these things alone singe the edges of the picture
the image of that ‘could have been’ love story
the one the mind rewrites for life’s next chapter
these things, lingering, leaving me always less

that you looked past them, that we parted well
may have allowed me to think i had grown
but i hadn’t, i hadn’t understood what i did
why i did it, or the need for honest contrition

and so these things, they waited, faithfully
waited till today, when i saw your eyes
tearful, looking back at me through another
as a calming voice whispered ‘i’m sorry’

and i was, and i am, and i have been
for all things i said, and all i didn’t say
for the pardonable sin i left unpardoned
unable or unwilling to seek forgiveness

in their leaving, these things will lift me
the shadows they hid among will fade
and i will be reminded of the best i can be
better, because of the love we once shared

the rules, part 2 (revised)

April 25, 2018

you can love them, you can trust them
they can be your closest friend
but unless you can respect them
what you’re building will soon end

if you need them more than want them
it’s yourself you’re thinking of
such desire can fuel passion
but it won’t inspire love

and relations based on beauty
based on money, charm, or smarts
fade in view of greater talents
richer sums and newer parts

it’s not reason, it’s not logic
it’s not passion, hope, or lust
it’s an unexplained emotion
that turns maybe into must

at its heart, it’s recognition
of a need within the soul
to enrich another’s journey
so that each might reach its goal

it’s a bond in search of nothing
save the single dream all share
to be happy, in the moment
free to dream, to seek, to dare

some desired everlasting
some by circumstances blessed
they inspire in each other
what each needs to be their best

so it isn’t who you’re thinking
who you wanted, but now doubt
and it’s not who you can live with
it’s the one you can’t without


April 10, 2017

my eyes, though they chose not to see
my voice, though it chose not to speak
my heart, whose call, so long ignored
had grown so distant, worn, and weak

would each, whatever be their fate
have all my hesitations closed
if only what you now reveal
my thoughts could even have supposed

but as it is, you’re first to see
and first to speak, instead of me
the one to ask both if and why
what none should doubt or now deny

my love, those words i left unsaid
the ones you speak, the way you feel
the passions, hopes, and dreams you’ve shared
are part of me and no less real

what seemed a fantasy, instead
from all life’s crucible had wrought
was you, possessed of all you are
would give me more than passing thought

the wisdom of saint valentine

February 12, 2017

love remains unqualified
unquantified, innate
beyond mere words’ capacity
to capture or relate

yet much of that which makes it so
our language can define
in terms not quite as beautiful
but equally divine

in part, it’s simply passion
the first of nature’s fire
the spark, both brief and blinding
which draws us to desire

it’s promise, it’s a confidence
a faith as lit as lust
its bond, at times unspoken
an absolute, a trust

and with it, understanding
a knowledge of the soul
the best, the worst, the everything
that makes the other whole

but none is more important
in practice or effect
than holding, with that knowledge
a loved one in respect

for in this form of reverence
we’re lifted and restrained
whatever weighs upon us
when life feels too constrained

this saint, this day, they’re offered
to celebrate that truth
the heart, so freely given
and through it, endless youth

all i’ll say i missed

January 20, 2017

if i’m to leave this world
to die before the spring
say i left it happy
except for just one thing

for all i dreamed, i chased
with many prizes won
and barely a regret
to any cause begun

no failure did i know
no pain, no true remorse
as great as might have been
had i not stayed my course

but time, he sets his limits
and some things i won’t see
and others, by his hand
quite simply cannot be

among them, you and i
the moment we first kissed
which, given how i lived
is all i’ll say i missed


August 26, 2016

a memory, yet infinite
a moment out of time
a past still ever present
inspiring, sublime

the birth of love’s epiphany
provoked by happenstance
and perfumed moonlit breezes
which caused the waves to dance

we watched, we walked, we slipped away
to somewhere on the shore
moved by deep emotions
unknown to us before

we crashed, we fell, but rose again
to gaze upon the stars
to wade, waist deep, the ocean
as if this world were ours

i remember every breath
but one lost to a kiss
whose essence, should it leave me
is all i’d ever miss


August 29, 2014

she’s a rush of dopamine
a pseudo-psychedelic
every inch a wicked sin
conformed to the angelic

such belladonna beauty
it makes innocence of lust
as if passion and desire
sparked our origin from dust

all those raptured dreams of youth
shining brightly in her eyes
rediscovered like the stars
as the sun departs the skies

what you want to be, you are
with a whisper from those lips
unencumbered by life’s shadow
like the moonlight each eclipse

she holds shelter from the doubt
and the weight of everyday
in a smile, an emotion
she inspires as conveys

perhaps it’s all perception
but if so, then what i see
are reflections of the beauty
that her own revealed in me

what it is

July 11, 2013

what it is, i can’t say
or, in truth, i won’t
which, if put another way
means i do, but don’t

stop, and stay, away from here
i’m lost, but still i know
what i want, from you is clear
to me, you have to go

wait, no longer, should you now
want this prohibition
break, and keep, your solemn vow
my heart, your soul, ambition

follow me, to lead the way
will guide us, from above
as simple, and as understood
as any, we hold love