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true forgiveness

May 18, 2019

if you’re angry for too long
at another who’s done wrong,
it’s more likely some regret
is the reason you’re upset;

like the feeling that you erred,
when you trusted, or you cared;
or the way it all played out,
that your judgment is in doubt;

but this simply isn’t true,
you’re just learning to be you;
and mistakes, they mean far less
if admitted, not obsessed;

so instead of judging them,
being ready to condemn,
you might change your point of view…
and forgive who’s hurting you.



February 10, 2019

i wondered why, but still don’t know…
i chose instead to let it go.

i guess the thought of what might be…
does, at times, mean more to me.

more than being right, or wise,
or revealing foolish lies…

as if the truth, if it were told,
bare, and straight, and hard, and cold…

might be less than what it seems…
when it’s tested by our dreams.

go dog, go

January 6, 2019

go dog, go
good as it was
was the first
to give me cause

blue cars, red
and yellow, green
made me think
of sights unseen

made me want
another book
made me take
a closer look

made me see
beyond the page
wisdom lies
as well as age

taught me well
to chase a dream
love and laugh
at times, extreme

touch the earth
but feel the stars
be a part
for all is ours

ours to keep
if we so choose
in as much
as we still use

go dog, go
chase fantasy
all you are
inspires me

inspired by the 1961 children’s book by P.D. Eastman

common sense

December 21, 2018

if you did, but you won’t
then you should, though you don’t
which why, what could be
is still less than you see

so perhaps, start again
take a look, now and then
at the sea, at the sky
and reflect, and ask why

as you did, once before
on that walk, on the shore
overwhelmed, from above
with a deep tranquil love

and a sense, all your own
that you’re never alone
for your heart, like your soul
is but part of one whole

why, you ask…

July 27, 2018

at some point, the question
becomes far more important
than the answer received
or the events which follow

there are some things we must ask
inquiries which must be made
or our failure to do so
will linger, even haunt us

we recognize the moment
though we might deny it
though our thoughts might insist
there is nothing to be gained

the heart still begs otherwise
stirring the soul to seek
to stretch its legs, embrace risk
and fuel its strength of character

a reply to such questions
whether joyful, frustrating
disappointing or misleading
is, nonetheless, the answer

for the will of another
be it thoughtful or frivolous
is no part of who we are
in having chosen to speak

the choice is but a nod to fate
acknowledging long tomorrows
at a bar, a beach, or the end
at peace with our pursuits

we might be alone, just then
when we recall the question
or not, for much is unknown
which is why we bother to ask…

time muses (revised)

July 19, 2018

time is not our friend, she said
he never seems to care
never lifts the fear or dread
of his not being there

she would lecture him each night
tell him to be kinder
hiding in her bed alone
so he could safely find her

when her clock had run, he sighed
for all that he had lost
all he could have seen through eyes
that saw his role star-crossed

in mortality, he thought
his point’s too often missed
even seconds last too long
if used to just exist

lessons with mr. salsabor

July 5, 2018

life’s strange rhythm, ever changing
seemed to me a game of chance
till i watched a salsa master
teaching patterns for a dance

and i realized all worth learning
has a basic step to start
if you want to be successful
then the key is that first part

keep your balance, hold your head up
with your feet beneath your core
don’t leap forward, smaller strides
will permit you to do more

have a golden rule you follow
a philosophy, don’t bend
mark your place at each beginning
and the point you want to end

stay connected, always watchful
let your partner know you care
by adjusting moves your making
so the moment can be shared

if your leading, please remember
it’s a temporary role
where the spotlight’s on another
and their pleasure is your goal

be respectful and be patient
let it show in all you do
ever mindful of occasions
when the same was shown to you

feel the music, let it move you
keep its count, its beat, its pace
never rush, there’s time to get there
it’s a journey, not a race

and, above all else, be faithful
to yourself and who you are
don’t look down, for what’s approaching
are those dreams once thought too far

past the proof stage

March 31, 2018

at some point, the testing should stop
the hypothesis is proved, or it isn’t
you can go on, but little will change
we can all read results, if we’re honest

and we can all perform the experiments
determining if the idea is viable or not
even if we lack the courage to do it
or tend to rely on less promising proof

in youth, we set the bar, the assumptions
traits which we perceive as our best self
it’s what we hope others will see in us
if not what we want to see in ourselves

but it is rarely ‘how’ we see ourselves
always thinking something more or less
acting, reacting, changing, growing
tweaking the formula, consciously or not

moving through a gauntlet of catalysts
redefining everything, only to start again
looking for that winning combination
that reaffirmation we are as we hoped

in the process, we seem to lose sight
forgetting those youthful aspirations
those first visions of who we might be
if we were our best self as first imagined

upon reflection, in the mirror, stands a child
looking back and smiling at many of us
it took a long time, but i can see him now
and i know, i’m finally past the proof stage

beyond the skies of bethlehem

December 7, 2017

from millions, to billions, to trillions of stars
the universe stretches across time and space
so vast its dimensions may never be known
beyond points imagined in one’s state of grace

infinity; frozen, and searing, and still
it holds but the tiniest thing of a dot
a marble so small, it’d be nothing at all
were it not, for some reason, life’s chosen spot

this fact of creation, aside from its cause
a wonder, divine in its essence alone
where blessings of thought, and spirit, and will
were granted to creatures of mere flesh and bone

however our number, whatever our gifts
there’s not one among us who’s less than a star
if we all were the same in every respect
we’d still be as rare, as unique as they are

but we’re not – we’re much more; diverse and distinct
in color, and culture, and wisdom, and skill
a fact much employed, if not fully enjoyed
for a purpose we’ve likely yet to fulfill

though we’ve managed to bond, to share, and to build
our civilization has not fully learned
freedom’s true spirit, its basis, respect
or when – if not how – it’s assumed or been earned

we’ve given it words, legislation, and praise
at times, far too little; at others, too much
resulting in passionate lectures and rants
or cautious correctness so thick it’s a crutch

perhaps we’d do better to first contemplate
the strange circumstances that led to our birth
and acknowledge some plan, whatever its source
unfolding to give us this home we call earth

whomever, whatever, saw fit this should be
concealed its best proof in its brilliant design
permitting, compelling we find our own path
to the cause, to the source, we each see divine

when we can acknowledge and honor this gift
with respect for this search to learn who we are
then freedom will follow and grow till it shines
as bright as has ever been seen in one star

dear colleague…

November 9, 2017

the fact that i can’t say it
makes it no less true
and hiding from reality
is sure not helping you

if i could just be honest
i’d set you straight right here
but i would rather keep my job
than state what’s crystal clear

clear about your conduct
clear about your dress
clear about your attitude
and why you’re such a mess

what’s really truly awful
is how you still complain
whenever you can think of ways
your lazy ass can gain

hostile work environment?
you haven’t seen that yet…
but if you don’t make changes
it’s no doubt what you’ll get

sadly, we can’t fix what’s wrong
these rules are such a shame
preventing us from pointing out
that you’re the one to blame