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August 20, 2017

life is a question of vision
the answer is one of degree
some perceive twenty-twenty
is as clear as our sight can be
but eyes, they have limitations
from which the mind breaks free
so it’s less of what you look at
and more what you choose to see



nothing’s lost

June 15, 2017

nothing worth keeping
is ever possessed
what’s offered for ‘ever’
is borrowed at best

like life, it exists
for a moment to share
then it leaves, as it must
whether proper or fair

so there’s nothing to take
and there’s nothing that’s lost
though the soul senses grief
and the heart bears its cost

each passes to wisdom
the next lesson learned
in which a best self
is revealed as its earned

what’s left of what’s gone
as we learn, as we grow
is the best of what was
among all we’ve seen go


February 27, 2017

drip, drop; tick, tock
as the water, as the clock
holds its petty, steady, pace
creeping, crawling, to a race

shifting, sifting, grains of sand
slipping through each aging hand
strips the soul of conscious breath
yet reveals no view of death

what’s in this; its pain, its bliss
in the thought, the choice, the kiss
if we know no youth, no prime
if we simply can’t tell time

life, so dear, of length, unclear
are your moments, as they near
touched by fate, at least in part
meant to stir the soul, the heart

so to break the will, the mind
from those best laid plans confined
from those schemes, so long conceived
so one’s dreams might be achieved

the rally

September 4, 2015

i went to a rally
and no one was there
marching and screaming
in pleasant despair

demanding, insisting
their voices be heard
the absent pressed on
with hardly a word

their taunting, insulting
drew crowds all about
as less and less people
joined in to get out

their cause, well assured
statistically sound
so someone had said
or written, or found

there in the papers
as seen on t.v.
where no one can hear
and no one can see

the color-blind life
of innocence fall
to the soul and the sense
of no one at all

taking offense

August 21, 2015

i’m not a racist homophobe
i think most cultures great
yet who you are and how you live
is yours to celebrate

i’m glad that you found happiness
empowerment and fame
but i don’t need to understand
or share in your acclaim

your color, sex, religion
those only fools address
it’s your lack of character
my comments now access

in truth, i find you lacking
too self-absorbed, too proud
too thoughtless in entitlement
too harsh in being loud

so that’s my view, it’s genuine
but not what you might claim
if your own pride and prejudice
presumes there’s more to blame

i guess that such presumption
is likely to reside
where faith, and love, and reason
have been too long denied

time muses

August 10, 2015

time is not our friend
she said
he never seems to care

never lifts the fear
or dread
of his not being there

she would lecture him
each night
tell him to be kinder

hiding in her bed
so he could safely find her

when her clock had run
he sighed
for all that he had lost

all he could have seen
through eyes
that saw the world star-crossed

in mortality
he thought
his point’s too often missed

as is life itself
for those
who use it to exist

be not fearless

July 26, 2015

love and faith may stir the heart
may comfort souls now lost
but each need strength and passion
to bear their unknown cost

in this, amidst life’s lessons learned
hold this as near and dear
courage serves both blood and breath
but withers absent fear


July 15, 2015

it seems i died not long ago
though few have since believed
the wiser man who took my place
has anyone deceived

he looks as much as i did
and often sounds the same
though little of his judgment
was ever mine to claim

we spoke but once before i passed
yet smiling he said,
“well done, my friend, i pray as much
is learned before i’m dead”


July 15, 2015

she’s only six, but she can see
the rolling waves, the endless sea
rest upon a boundless sky
sensing, without knowing why
all she ever dreamed were true
lay straight ahead, just out of view

what you want

May 22, 2015

it’s true, what you seek
you’ll most likely find
so perception can alter
your whole peace of mind

it’s not good, it’s not bad
till it’s judged so by you
with much left determined
by your point of view

it follows, it matters
what it is you desire
for it plays a role
in what you acquire

the question is this:
just what is your aim?
is it power? success?
or money? or fame?

or is it true friendship?
or do you seek love?
and why? what’s the cause
of all you dream of?

could it be, all you want
is based on one goal
one hope, to be happy
in your heart, in your soul

shouldn’t this then
be first to pursue?
and isn’t it largely
a choice left to you?

the future’s exciting
but as long as is bright
you should plan, think ahead
so each choice is made right

but remember it’s true
what you seek, you will find
and happiness, first
is to those so inclined

for Emily upon her graduation…