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May 15, 2011

it’s quiet in the cage now
though it wreaks of rotting flesh
as the unrelenting sun
sets its soul upon this carnage

night approaches soon enough
with sweet sleep to help relieve
all the images of violence
so inspired by my feeding

it’s enough for those untouched
by my frenzied appetite
those too gentle, kind, and fair
as to warrant my attention

there’s a knowledge in their nature
that their lives are somehow safer
by my prowling for those others
who possess a sharper flavor

and I justify myself
by those holy words of scripture
that the meek, they shall inherit
as all others shall feed me


thoughts on Flynn’s “Dante”

May 14, 2011

where’s the face
behind the mask
hiding all that pain
the soul consumed
by angry fears
inspired but insane

what agony
could move one’s thoughts
to lurid tales of hell
inflicting pain
in such detail
the devil would rebel

what secrets
lay beneath this
so long I wondered why
the lines I saw
so moved me
and made me want to cry

I did at last
with images therein
their frightening
embraced by my own skin