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September 24, 2012

what do you see
as left to me
what was, what is
or what will be

a life now past
time run at last
to far from you
to know how fast

too soon, my lust
my faith, my trust
my loving friends
all turned to dust

though you deny
the reason why
it bothers you
to see me cry

you still belong
so it feels wrong
to stop, to stare
then move along

for what you see
when you see me
makes you wonder
what will be


decision 2012

September 22, 2012

I tried my best to make a choice
and base it on the issues
but neither party offers much
beyond the other’s miscues

not one among the candidates
has shown themselves as wise
their platforms and proposals
all forecast our demise

the ship is headed toward a berg
and soon it will be sinking
which means, as for voting goes
we’d better change our thinking

Republican across the board
free health care? that’s a fraud
so we die quick, but Heaven waits
and with a loving God

the Democrats have HMOs
with doctors barely fit
their efforts will extend your life
but make you beg to end it

moreover, when it’s said and done
they leave you fertilizer
somewhere on a commune farm
in what they’ll next call China