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reality check

September 14, 2016

she was no go
from the get go
though you think she’s with you still

your desire
like a fire
having long consumed your will

and you’re drinking
so you’re thinking
there’s a reason to have hope

cause you want to
cause you need to
cause you lack the skill to cope

but just quit it
just admit it
she’s not interested in you

yes, you’re funny
and have money
but she hates things you do

find another
girl to smother
to possess and call your own

your sweet baby
is no ‘maybe’
she’s long gone, your bird has flown



July 13, 2016

there is a certain space between
the words themselves and what they mean
as near a smile to a cry
as clear as where the earth meets sky

within, there lies a simple truth
one easily observed in youth
like innocence, it fades away
when picking at what people say

hate speech

June 2, 2016

so i don’t like you
and you don’t like me
for no other reason
than we disagree

on politics, worship
or points worth debate
where contrary views
are labeled as ‘hate’

by leaders and pundits
who now make their name
in deriding dissent
as a national shame

their views reinforced
by media whores
and facebook, and twitter
and bloggers galore

till everyone’s talking
too loud to be heard
till the message means less
than the fact it’s concurred

pushing us further
from all that we seek
by making it harder
for reason to speak

hot stuff

March 8, 2016

upon the bed, eyes closed
still drenched in fever’s sweat
romeo lies reeling
from his taste of juliet

a steamy, dreamy, beauty
of sweetly softened skin
poured to savage measure
for the benefit of sin

an innocence withheld
by poignant passions past
given way to appetites
from which it first was cast

seeking to recapture
a fantasy denied
breeding only hunger
the more it’s satisfied

ravenous, insatiable
intoxicating fires
burning at the zenith
of humanity’s desires

burning like the fever
that grips her lover’s soul
pleasuring his body
as it consumes him whole


April 27, 2015

to the insect in the jar
at the moment of its capture
there’s a sense of more than loss
it’s that life itself is fractured

a whole universe, its pieces
now distorted through the glass
a reality, uncertain
as the instant seems its last

for it has no way of knowing
by my hand, it will be freed
from what would have been its end
had i never intervened

though to me, it happens quickly
to the insect filled with dread
every heartbeat feels eternal
and it’s certain it is dead

that voice

April 23, 2015

that voice, my god, it’s boring
an endless monotone
so torturous
to each of us
it cuts straight to the bone

those syllables, like water
they deluge drop by drop
though dull and plain
they still cause pain
as they have yet to stop

a whining, droning, nightmare
composed of strange white noise
a sleep machine
whose set routine
inflicts as it annoys

whatever it is saying
its message has been drowned
the thought’s last breath
its throes of death
awash in all that sound

so here we sit, now waiting
for misery to end
an audience
whose common sense
that voice so long offends


December 23, 2014

no one is responsible
till everyone’s to blame
in justifying violence
while disavowing shame
as firearms and sound bites
trade volleys in a game
of hatred, fear, and ignorance
for influence and fame

sad for those who led us once
their inspiration dying
in favor of hyperbole
that profits by implying
evil is inherent
presumed, their words belying
those who marched to overcome
whose voices, stilled, are crying


October 21, 2014

i wonder what’s there
when you smile at me
what you think you might know
what you think you might see
those thoughts left concealed
by life’s dull apathy

so sad, in a way
yet curious too
the silence, the calm
between me and you
and the speed, and the weight
of all that we do

still thoughts, they race on
to inspire, create
though the heart and the soul
withdraw, hesitate
preferring the ease
and the comfort of fate

what it is

July 11, 2013

what it is, i can’t say
or, in truth, i won’t
which, if put another way
means i do, but don’t

stop, and stay, away from here
i’m lost, but still i know
what i want, from you is clear
to me, you have to go

wait, no longer, should you now
want this prohibition
break, and keep, your solemn vow
my heart, your soul, ambition

follow me, to lead the way
will guide us, from above
as simple, and as understood
as any, we hold love

in my brief hunger

February 14, 2009

she is a long night’s work

of affections much abused

and adventures so missed

their presence is preoccupation


that rare angelic sweet

cast of a harlot’s mold

whose extraordinary endowments

exceed those perceived by the simple senses


and I love to miss her

to sip the anticipation

of promises left on my lips

by the taste of this uncommon candy


to revel in what was

with thoughts of what will be

each of my desires enriched

by the ever present seed of reflection


no modern messaging

no text or streaming video

can substitute for this daydream

or the fairy tale it revives


I want to wonder of her

to know speaks, but not hear

to know she smiles, but not see

to know she loves, and thinks of me


so, for a little while

leave me to my appetite

for if this passion be its effect

I am content in my brief hunger