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true beauty

September 25, 2018

simple, pretty, ageless grace
lines the heart, the soul, retrace
coloring in love’s first hue
images and thoughts of you

innocence, revealed in blush
something of a schoolboy crush
childish, yet full of fire
wanton, but still pure, desire

stirred by more than i’d perceived
or understood, or once believed
have i now such strong emotion
as creates this new devotion

Keats was right, despite his youth
truth is beauty, beauty truth
and all i need to know, i do
to declare these feelings true


cheap thrills

March 14, 2018

she’d given up, i didn’t care
the whole thing started as a dare
we had some drinks, we left the bar
but couldn’t finish in the car

we got a room, but lost the key
the break-in was no burglary
the damage done, we can explain
it’s our own blood that left the stain

the scratches on the foyer wall
the lamp destroyed across the hall
the bed frame broken, mattress ripped
all were caused because she slipped

it’s a simple move to master
one foot here, the other past her
still, on tile, drunk, and horny
things can get a little thorny

which is why i so abhor
leaning on the shower door
but she did, and it gave way
causing what’s become this fray

bloody, broken, somewhat dizzy
we got back to getting busy
not the best idea, i guess
glass and blood make quite a mess

and, according to police
they can even breach the peace
so i’m happy it’s just bills
i’m to pay for my cheap thrills

so long, stranger

March 7, 2018

what’s behind that empty kiss
is the whole of what you miss
in these passionless ordeals
texting, fucking, sharing meals

all you know is here and gone
in the moment you’re turned on
one for which you still obsess
though it offers less and less

once a late night masquerade
now a role so often played
its addictive sweet release
seems your substitute for peace

nothing in it did you wrong
but to revel for too long
but to settle for its touch
till it held you like a crutch

till those thoughts you never shared
those emotions undeclared
grew so distant, strained, and weak
there were times you couldn’t speak

times you wouldn’t dare respond
so removed from any bond
you would rather it be lost
than endure what it might cost

and i wonder if you care
if a spark is even there
if you know there’s something more
than to worship or adore

and if not, well, it’s been fun
no regrets, but we’re now done
if you’ve nothing else to say
there’s no reason i should stay

pc passions

January 18, 2018

my dearest earthly equivalent
forgive me my sin of observation
brief and measured to a proper aim
as regards your pleasantly pleasing form

in those intervals permitted by propriety
glancing, not gazing, upon your countenance
did i note the wisdom that makes beauty
of our generally shared humanity

what fair and meaningful thoughts now stir
as i, held captive by the depth of your being
contemplate that which expression warrants
in manners prescribed by our new social order

let not my notice or interest offend
for no desire dwells within their offer
beyond which acceptance might justify
through the practice of time and custom

i am no wanton fiend, no film producer
no lustful stare need i level to my cause
nor would mere eyes, or lips, or hips, or such
give reason to entreat you further

this said, let my wish be no more than yours
and our intercourse be as it delights you
till your whole be so moved in the union
it is forever softened to the ravages of life

reality check

September 14, 2016

she was no go
from the get go
though you think she’s with you still

your desire
like a fire
having long consumed your will

and you’re drinking
so you’re thinking
there’s a reason to have hope

cause you want to
cause you need to
cause you lack the skill to cope

but just quit it
just admit it
she’s not interested in you

yes, you’re funny
and have money
but she hates things you do

find another
girl to smother
to possess and call your own

your sweet baby
is no ‘maybe’
she’s long gone, your bird has flown


July 13, 2016

there is a certain space between
the words themselves and what they mean
as near a smile to a cry
as clear as where the earth meets sky

within, there lies a simple truth
one easily observed in youth
like innocence, it fades away
when picking at what people say

hate speech

June 2, 2016

so i don’t like you
and you don’t like me
for no other reason
than we disagree

on politics, worship
or points worth debate
where contrary views
are labeled as ‘hate’

by leaders and pundits
who now make their name
in deriding dissent
as a national shame

their views reinforced
by media whores
and facebook, and twitter
and bloggers galore

till everyone’s talking
too loud to be heard
till the message means less
than the fact it’s concurred

pushing us further
from all that we seek
by making it harder
for reason to speak

hot stuff

March 8, 2016

upon the bed, eyes closed
still drenched in fever’s sweat
romeo lies reeling
from his taste of juliet

a steamy, dreamy, beauty
of sweetly softened skin
poured to savage measure
for the benefit of sin

an innocence withheld
by poignant passions past
given way to appetites
from which it first was cast

seeking to recapture
a fantasy denied
breeding only hunger
the more it’s satisfied

ravenous, insatiable
intoxicating fires
burning at the zenith
of humanity’s desires

burning like the fever
that grips her lover’s soul
pleasuring his body
as it consumes him whole


April 27, 2015

to the insect in the jar
at the moment of its capture
there’s a sense of more than loss
it’s that life itself is fractured

a whole universe, its pieces
now distorted through the glass
a reality, uncertain
as the instant seems its last

for it has no way of knowing
by my hand, it will be freed
from what would have been its end
had i never intervened

though to me, it happens quickly
to the insect filled with dread
every heartbeat feels eternal
and it’s certain it is dead

that voice

April 23, 2015

that voice, my god, it’s boring
an endless monotone
so torturous
to each of us
it cuts straight to the bone

those syllables, like water
they deluge drop by drop
though dull and plain
they still cause pain
as they have yet to stop

a whining, droning, nightmare
composed of strange white noise
a sleep machine
whose set routine
inflicts as it annoys

whatever it is saying
its message has been drowned
the thought’s last breath
its throes of death
awash in all that sound

so here we sit, now waiting
for misery to end
an audience
whose common sense
that voice so long offends