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September 16, 2009

it’s growing awfully cold in here
where we analyze the day-to-day
so detached in our self-interest
we wound others in its pursuit

thinking ourselves better, smarter
in our dispassionate discourse
we criticize those of courage
with no ambition but to blame

amused like some lazy vultures
feeding off of forthright failure
and picking at the bones of heroes
to sustain our own bloated egos

what good fortune that they remain
those few still willing to suffer us
those few still moved by genuine cause
for whom ‘right’ is more than popular

we would starve in here without them
without the warmth of their blood
flowing freshly from our slings and arrows
to thaw this icy atmosphere

one by one they fall away
replaced by some weaker, colder form
what will we do then, when they are gone
leaving us to nothing but our own kind?


upon his execution

September 7, 2009

good night and good riddance to you sir
whose vicious, despicable act
has left us all told
just empty and cold
amazed by the conscience you lacked

good night and good riddance to evil
whose wanton infliction of pain
on innocence’s trust
reveals a blood lust
beyond all we thought inhumane

good night and good riddance for sorrow
whose shadow you cast over all
on family, on friend
on each you condemned
to memories none should recall

good night and good riddance for worry
whose presence will long linger here
in every new danger
presumed of a stranger
as we learn to cope with our fear

good night and good riddance to struggle
to choices you forced us to make
though just in our cause
our souls give us pause
to consider the life that we take

good night and good riddance, God save us
in killing the one who has slain
no losers, no winners
in some eyes, just sinners
but able to pass death on Cain.