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bathroom etiquette

May 8, 2016

the room is for taking a leak
not sex or sneaking a peek
so gender debates are all bunk
just choose what’s designed for your junk


this cat

May 4, 2016

all those little yellow fish
purple-eyed and puffing
sitting on the bathroom sink
have disappeared to nothing

it’s as if the kangaroo
had used his magic hat
to swallow up the scaly things
by conjuring this cat

this cat, it surely ate them
though none of us could see
none of us were witness
to monster it must be

strutting on the bathroom floor
as if the whole canary
were resting in its belly
on a saucer full of dairy

this cat, it marks the visions
of shamans dead and gone
whose fitful dreams pursue me
as does their hellish spawn

kangaroo! come quickly!
retrieve your demon beast!
for i am all that’s left…
upon which it can feast!

dear unicorn, please hear me,
down under fly my wish,
so i may yet avoid…
the fate that met those fish!