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memories of a distant sky

September 29, 2014

a morning sky so blue
van gogh would bleed the hue
and bare but for that light
which takes the soul of night

life rising to these hours
amidst these metro towers
may first have missed the sight
of smoking gray and white

a thick and billowed spout
from stories up poured out
or so it seemed to me
at distant memory

a fear, it gripped at first
that known, that we dread worst
and stopped upon my heart
what healing time could start

compelled, i closer drew
till what came into view
was merely nature’s shroud
a bloated, shaded cloud

a storm, but not yet here
positioned to appear
as if some fireball
igniting heaven’s fall

a vision, dark and lost
of innocence, its cost
and knowledge gained in years
where fell too many tears



September 16, 2014

for some, upon their leaving
an era seems at end
though history
speaks differently
of gallantry in men

the few so well accomplished
by wisdom and by deed
those following to lead

successful, not unrivaled
they shared with us the cost
of bravery
of victory
humanity and loss

despite their heavy burdens
available the same
to calm, to teach
to aid so each
might hope to reach their aim

revealing dedication
the role of sacrifice
that compromise
the soul belies
as time applies its vice

and in that very moment
assured their cause is won
reflect, retreat
concede defeat
to see true justice done

their names, at times, forgotten
their spirit lingers still
and at our best
our goals are blessed
by no less than their will