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the devil’s own

October 23, 2013

much of what’s endured in life
is meant to strengthen, test, and teach
to forge a heart, a soul, a mind
a character unique to each

divinity has never spared
its lightning rod in this respect
there’s plagues, and floods, and wars, and crime
and other horrors to select

but none such horrors scare me so
as does knowledge you draw breath
the very thought of which seems proof
hell persists preceding death

not a god could be so cruel
cause such suffering in vain
your heartless, soulless, mindless drool
bringing only abject pain

no such deity exists
no theology is known
to create a beast like you
save that you’re the devil’s own


little girl

October 6, 2013

little girl lost
left searching for love
your pure, gentle plea
has fallen to me
in whispers from Heaven above

little girl sleep
enraptured by dreams
of sweet song and dance
in endless romance
with the promise of all that life seems

little girl wake
but don’t be afraid
for i’m always near
a part, ever dear
of a bond our two souls have made

little girl grow
from the best within me
reap from all i have sown
yet sow seeds of your own
let your soul and your choices be free

little girl hope
make new wishes each day
and strengthen your will
to grant and fulfill
those which chase pain and sadness away

little girl love
complete, unrestrained
with all of your heart
though it break, fall apart
though it hurts, it will heal having gained

little girl pray
when your strength and your cause
is failing or gone
through faith you’ll hold on
this i know to be true for i was

once seemingly lost
with a plea, gentle, true
one held close to me
of a love meant to be
and held till was answered with you

for Sue, who overcame her own adversity to save the future of one ‘little girl’ by adopting baby Katie…

if you have it…

October 2, 2013

if you have it
you know it
don’t ever ask why

just accept it
embrace it
and never deny

that you want it
you need it
you’d keep it close by

but you free it 
release it
for it’s yearning to fly

and you see it
you feel it
as it soars in the sky

and it scares you
it thrills you
it gets ever so high 

when you share it
you dare it
to seek, or to try

but you do it
to save it
for without it, you’d die