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May 21, 2009

there must have been a time
so many tears ago
when you prayed against those nightmares
that swept away your dreams

I was somewhere else then
unaware and unacquainted
with the birth of that distant smile
that cool, beautiful mask

yet I can feel this past
it is a part of me
as if the memories were my own
witnessed from beside you

my feeling knows no cause
no reason but that prayers
(our hope-filled pleas to the source of all)
survive the spoken word

and there is a purpose
an aim to their survival
one revealed as intuition
confirmed within a sigh

it breathes in conversation
to an atmosphere of faith
so I might question of the mask
and you might think to lift it

it is a difficult thing
to trust, to believe again
to aspire to the fairy tale
of a youth that now seems lost

but all that draws me to you
speaks of greater dreams awaiting
concealed along with all you are
in bittersweet disguise

it tells me there’s a magic
beyond the masquerade
one in need of incantation
to summon forth its charms

now, as I pray for words
kneeling as you did before
I realize through my faith in you
the first I heal is me.


youth: in memoriam

May 13, 2009

the savagery revealed
in unprovoked assault
leads the soul to question
the breadth and depth of fault

whether evil lies
in action or intent
whether it is weakness
or strength to which hell’s bent

where do we place blame
for wanton reckless deeds
but videos and cell phones
but life’s deliberate speed

and who is to inherit
when meek is done away
by latch-key absentees
whose children are at play.


May 7, 2009
somewhere so far deep beneath
there’s a subtle seed now sown
in a single silent sound
sending swells, their sights unknown
surreptitiously they swim
sweeping through the body’s core
softly stirring shallow stills
by some quiet, lonely shore
slowly slips serenity
into measured motion
as the surface shroud recedes
laying bare the ocean
all its essence, life, exposed
causing precious breath’s escape
tension in the balance builds
growing in both size and shape
rapid as the heartbeat climbs
suddenly the wave will rise
fate proceeding on beside
cresting as her spirit flies
toward each consequence alone
time and place await unknown
there deciding what will be
as she washes over me.