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December 25, 2012

we walked along the boardwalk
and talked in bitter tears
of hurricanes
of children slain
of pain and loss this year

but as we spoke this sadness
we watched an endless sky
once starlit night
but now sun bright
embrace us in reply

a brand new day is granted
a brand new year begins
a chance to learn
from each concern
and start a change within

we thought on this suggestion
but all that’s ‘learned’ from strife
in strength, resolve
has yet to solve
these tragedies of life

staring down, the sky turned dark
recalling winds and rain
whose force brought fear
but courage here
and altered his refrain

a brand new chance is granted
a brand new challenge placed
for strength to heal
resolve to deal
with tragedy when faced

all about us images
of rescues, shelters, aid
and charity
and sympathy
and patience were displayed

we watched, then bowed in silence
until the sun returned
and from now on
will greet the dawn
with thoughts of lessons learned