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to daddy’s little girl

May 6, 2019

don’t be frightened, little one,
you’re never here alone;
i would not abandon you
to face this on your own;

every time you have a doubt,
just close your eyes for me;
speak within your silent voice…
and tell me what you see;

tell me what now leaves you weak,
explain to me your fear;
do this, and i promise you…
that every word i’ll hear;

every word, like every prayer,
my best, i will attend;
all that Heaven may allow,
i will, to you, so lend;

this, if you request of me,
shall serve to keep you strong;
lift you to your very best…
at times when things go wrong;

and be enough, most often,
to see you through it all;
but know, if you should stumble,
i’d never let you fall.



March 10, 2019

i can’t write
about last night,
it would sound
too dull, too trite;

words hold less
than i’d profess,
if my thoughts
a voice possessed;

though my will
compels me still
to compose
at least until…

i can see
past memory
and conceive
of what might be.

first things first…

February 5, 2019

time and breath too often race ahead of us
slow them here; give them a moment’s rest
and to me, to my voice, sweet attention
with permission from no less than your faith

let those fears of love’s consequence fall
along with your restraints and inhibitions
suspend, for me, your indecipherable control
of those senses aroused in passion’s endeavor

lend to me more than the body, the flesh
more than the heart or its present intention
lend, instead, what moves them within you
what animates their presence, their beauty

say nothing; no thoughts or secrets spoken
could possess the depth and breadth i seek
the conscious mind is too littered with life
to shed the reservations of its bitter lessons

rather, withhold all but that you cannot
sharing only those sounds which need escape
those barely audible expressions of want
as my heart, my hands, may reveal them

it is in these, not the wanton cries of desire
that the unwritten pages of love’s diary lie
here, between sighs, are the signs to ecstasy
kept close, like some map to buried treasure

here, so often hidden, is the voice of the soul
the one suppressed by years of disappointment
still longing to call out, to invite, to encourage
unable to declare its ambition with full affection

let me hear this voice; let me listen to its song
let it guide me, if it should find my heart enough
though something less would still be a pleasure
it fails as much in foundation as it does memory


January 20, 2019

it weighs on one
one worries so
one thinks it’s there
but doesn’t know

at times it’s hid
before one’s eyes
denied by truth
revealed in lies

for one dare not
admit it’s real
‘till others share
the way one feels

yet it remains
persisting still
as if one’s heart
might bend one’s will

the rules, part 4 (notes to myself)

June 24, 2018

if who she is…is all you want
despite her imperfections
ask no more of her than that
in return for your affections

never take dominion’s reign
hold it only with consent
give it freely when its sought
but be candid in dissent

leave her freedom with your faith
but expect the same returned
love, though patient, good, and kind
is forever being earned

keep your passions slow to burn
rush no aspect of desire
but with all deliberate speed
take what’s offered of that fire

this, above all else, remember
you’re the shelter in her storm
not a hero, just a refuge
just a place that’s safe and warm

just a place she can recover
find the strength to start anew
so she might, if its required
do the same, in turn, for you

the rules, part 3 (rough edit)

May 10, 2018

she can get mad, and she will
she can get sad, even cry
at times, all you do will still fail
but that doesn’t mean you don’t try

it’s not the things you got wrong
it’s not your words or your deeds
it’s that she feels you don’t care
for her, who she is, or her needs

so winning the point is a waste
as foolish as playing it cool
and lying, regardless of why
will only serve anger as fuel

better you simply stay true
listen, accept, and just wait
trying to fix things too soon
is nearly as bad as too late

she’ll let you know when it’s time
remember, it’s not who was right
this is about something more
or it wouldn’t be such a fight

the fire you see in her eyes
was set with an aim more sublime
meant for a feeling she fears
has since been ignored over time

trust in the person you know
have faith in the bond that you share
and show her the person she loves
has, and will always, be there

the rules, part 2 (revised)

April 25, 2018

you can love them, you can trust them
they can be your closest friend
but unless you can respect them
what you’re building will soon end

if you need them more than want them
it’s yourself you’re thinking of
such desire can fuel passion
but it won’t inspire love

and relations based on beauty
based on money, charm, or smarts
fade in view of greater talents
richer sums and newer parts

it’s not reason, it’s not logic
it’s not passion, hope, or lust
it’s an unexplained emotion
that turns maybe into must

at its heart, it’s recognition
of a need within the soul
to enrich another’s journey
so that each might reach its goal

it’s a bond in search of nothing
save the single dream all share
to be happy, in the moment
free to dream, to seek, to dare

some desired everlasting
some by circumstances blessed
they inspire in each other
what each needs to be their best

so it isn’t who you’re thinking
who you wanted, but now doubt
and it’s not who you can live with
it’s the one you can’t without


April 10, 2017

my eyes, though they chose not to see
my voice, though it chose not to speak
my heart, whose call, so long ignored
had grown so distant, worn, and weak

would each, whatever be their fate
have all my hesitations closed
if only what you now reveal
my thoughts could even have supposed

but as it is, you’re first to see
and first to speak, instead of me
the one to ask both if and why
what none should doubt or now deny

my love, those words i left unsaid
the ones you speak, the way you feel
the passions, hopes, and dreams you’ve shared
are part of me and no less real

what seemed a fantasy, instead
from all life’s crucible had wrought
was you, possessed of all you are
would give me more than passing thought

come home

March 20, 2017

i know we haven’t spoken
for far too many years
a distance which, for both i fear
has shed too many tears

i know that you feel cheated
and blame me when you’re mad
no more or less, than me i guess
though all i feel is sad

but every night you’ve spoken
i’ve hung on every word
and every prayer you’ve whispered
i promise it’s been heard

i beg you, rest the prophets’ words
their dogma and your fear
listen, grant your soul its voice
your father is right here

here, in strength, in breath, in thought
in all you have achieved
having had more faith in you
than you yourself conceived

proud, without ambition’s greed
of goodness said and done
of heart, of mind, of spirit full
in causes lost and won

yet darling one, i’ve missed you most
when pain has wracked your life
for little has meant more to me
than helping ease your strife

come home, renew my purpose
give me, as i gave you
the chance to love, to revel
in all your soul can do

the wisdom of saint valentine

February 12, 2017

love remains unqualified
unquantified, innate
beyond mere words’ capacity
to capture or relate

yet much of that which makes it so
our language can define
in terms not quite as beautiful
but equally divine

in part, it’s simply passion
the first of nature’s fire
the spark, both brief and blinding
which draws us to desire

it’s promise, it’s a confidence
a faith as lit as lust
its bond, at times unspoken
an absolute, a trust

and with it, understanding
a knowledge of the soul
the best, the worst, the everything
that makes the other whole

but none is more important
in practice or effect
than holding, with that knowledge
a loved one in respect

for in this form of reverence
we’re lifted and restrained
whatever weighs upon us
when life feels too constrained

this saint, this day, they’re offered
to celebrate that truth
the heart, so freely given
and through it, endless youth