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April 10, 2017

my eyes, though they chose not to see
my voice, though it chose not to speak
my heart, whose call, so long ignored
had grown so distant, worn, and weak

would each, whatever be their fate
have all my hesitations closed
if only what you now reveal
my thoughts could even have supposed

but as it is, you’re first to see
and first to speak, instead of me
the one to ask both if and why
what none should doubt or now deny

my love, those words i left unsaid
the ones you speak, the way you feel
the passions, hopes, and dreams you’ve shared
are part of me and no less real

what seemed a fantasy, instead
from all life’s crucible had wrought
was you, possessed of all you are
would give me more than passing thought


come home

March 20, 2017

i know we haven’t spoken
for far too many years
a distance which, for both i fear
has shed too many tears

i know that you feel cheated
and blame me when you’re mad
no more or less, than me i guess
though all i feel is sad

but every night you’ve spoken
i’ve hung on every word
and every prayer you’ve whispered
i promise it’s been heard

i beg you, rest the prophets’ words
their dogma and your fear
listen, grant your soul its voice
your father is right here

here, in strength, in breath, in thought
in all you have achieved
having had more faith in you
than you yourself conceived

proud, without ambition’s greed
of goodness said and done
of heart, of mind, of spirit full
in causes lost and won

yet darling one, i’ve missed you most
when pain has wracked your life
for little has meant more to me
than helping ease your strife

come home, renew my purpose
give me, as i gave you
the chance to love, to revel
in all your soul can do

the wisdom of saint valentine

February 12, 2017

love remains unqualified
unquantified, innate
beyond mere words’ capacity
to capture or relate

yet much of that which makes it so
our language can define
in terms not quite as beautiful
but equally divine

in part, it’s simply passion
the first of nature’s fire
the spark, both brief and blinding
which draws us to desire

it’s promise, it’s a confidence
a faith as lit as lust
its bond, at times unspoken
an absolute, a trust

and with it, understanding
a knowledge of the soul
the best, the worst, the everything
that makes the other whole

but none is more important
in practice or effect
than holding, with that knowledge
a loved one in respect

for in this form of reverence
we’re lifted and restrained
whatever weighs upon us
when life feels too constrained

this saint, this day, they’re offered
to celebrate that truth
the heart, so freely given
and through it, endless youth

all i’ll say i missed

January 20, 2017

if i’m to leave this world
to die before the spring
say i left it happy
except for just one thing

for all i dreamed, i chased
with many prizes won
and barely a regret
to any cause begun

no failure did i know
no pain, no true remorse
as great as might have been
had i not stayed my course

but time, he sets his limits
and some things i won’t see
and others, by his hand
quite simply cannot be

among them, you and i
the moment we first kissed
which, given how i lived
is all i’ll say i missed


August 26, 2016

a memory, yet infinite
a moment out of time
a past still ever present
inspiring, sublime

the birth of love’s epiphany
provoked by happenstance
and perfumed moonlit breezes
which caused the waves to dance

we watched, we walked, we slipped away
to somewhere on the shore
moved by deep emotions
unknown to us before

we crashed, we fell, but rose again
to gaze upon the stars
to wade, waist deep, the ocean
as if this world were ours

i remember every breath
but one lost to a kiss
whose essence, should it leave me
is all i’d ever miss

whispered (in the moment)

August 17, 2015

it’s a dance, it’s a kiss
it’s an evening of bliss
so barely a word need be spoken

like a hope or a dream
there’s no promise or scheme
and nothing is taken or broken

when the night falls to day
they’ll just all fade away
these things that would have been token

what remains, what will be
is for now, less to me
then the spirit this moment has woken


August 29, 2014

she’s a rush of dopamine
a pseudo-psychedelic
every inch a wicked sin
conformed to the angelic

such belladonna beauty
it makes innocence of lust
as if passion and desire
sparked our origin from dust

all those raptured dreams of youth
shining brightly in her eyes
rediscovered like the stars
as the sun departs the skies

what you want to be, you are
with a whisper from those lips
unencumbered by life’s shadow
like the moonlight each eclipse

she holds shelter from the doubt
and the weight of everyday
in a smile, an emotion
she inspires as conveys

perhaps it’s all perception
but if so, then what i see
are reflections of the beauty
that her own revealed in me

little girl

October 6, 2013

little girl lost
left searching for love
your pure, gentle plea
has fallen to me
in whispers from Heaven above

little girl sleep
enraptured by dreams
of sweet song and dance
in endless romance
with the promise of all that life seems

little girl wake
but don’t be afraid
for i’m always near
a part, ever dear
of a bond our two souls have made

little girl grow
from the best within me
reap from all i have sown
yet sow seeds of your own
let your soul and your choices be free

little girl hope
make new wishes each day
and strengthen your will
to grant and fulfill
those which chase pain and sadness away

little girl love
complete, unrestrained
with all of your heart
though it break, fall apart
though it hurts, it will heal having gained

little girl pray
when your strength and your cause
is failing or gone
through faith you’ll hold on
this i know to be true for i was

once seemingly lost
with a plea, gentle, true
one held close to me
of a love meant to be
and held till was answered with you

for Sue, who overcame her own adversity to save the future of one ‘little girl’ by adopting baby Katie…

if you have it…

October 2, 2013

if you have it
you know it
don’t ever ask why

just accept it
embrace it
and never deny

that you want it
you need it
you’d keep it close by

but you free it 
release it
for it’s yearning to fly

and you see it
you feel it
as it soars in the sky

and it scares you
it thrills you
it gets ever so high 

when you share it
you dare it
to seek, or to try

but you do it
to save it
for without it, you’d die

a wayward fallen arrow

February 14, 2013

the evidence he drinks too much
is somewhere around 80 proof
and as many rounds as lovers
are inclined to pay for prospects

so it’s probably fair to say
the ambition and the aim
of this cherub in a diaper
is now less than Shakespeare found it

there’s the answer, should you seek it        
just a wayward fallen arrow
from a careless drunken angel
unexplained and unexpected

just a wayward fallen arrow
and i would, if so permitted
turn back time to shield you from it
though it changed my life for better

as i’ve felt so undeserving
of this gift your love has given
in its strength, and breath, and passion  
ever present and uplifting  

more than ever i had dreamed of
from a wayward fallen arrow
proof that flesh wounds can be mortal
when one angel shoots another