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for Sophia

February 20, 2009

welcome little pretty one

to our ever changing world

as the future’s hopes and dreams

are within your eyes unfurled


precious angel, Heaven sent

secrets on your lips yet sealed

sweet, sublime, these mysteries

through your life will be revealed


what of all His untold gifts

has the Lord in you conceived?

in what manner, in what form

is this destiny received?


will it be some magic cure,

technological advance,

words of wisdom, songs of love,

or to teach us all to dance?


much remains unknown today

save these inspirations true

that which you now offer us

and that which first created you


Congratulations to Tony and Carmen Duarte on the birth of their beautiful little girl, Sophia, in whose honor this verse was written…  jsr  


we who would be heroes

February 19, 2009

there’s a constant shadow

a darkened presence here

a form of some foreboding

a subtle shade of fear


life itself feels colder

on ever thinning skin

a sickness, a malaise

is spreading from within


tired and defeated

the many seek to cope

with endless empty promises

that fail to bring real hope


but fortunate are we

despite how much seems lost

that we may be the heroes

whose stars this time has crossed


we whose very flesh and blood

defeated tyranny

their ultimate in sacrifice

the reason we live free


we who now inherit

their legacy of will

have an obligation

a duty to fulfill


to calm, to aid, to carry

inspire and to lead

to do more than required

for comrades now in need


the future’s undecided

but time, it slips away

so we who would be heroes

best show ourselves today

in my brief hunger

February 14, 2009

she is a long night’s work

of affections much abused

and adventures so missed

their presence is preoccupation


that rare angelic sweet

cast of a harlot’s mold

whose extraordinary endowments

exceed those perceived by the simple senses


and I love to miss her

to sip the anticipation

of promises left on my lips

by the taste of this uncommon candy


to revel in what was

with thoughts of what will be

each of my desires enriched

by the ever present seed of reflection


no modern messaging

no text or streaming video

can substitute for this daydream

or the fairy tale it revives


I want to wonder of her

to know speaks, but not hear

to know she smiles, but not see

to know she loves, and thinks of me


so, for a little while

leave me to my appetite

for if this passion be its effect

I am content in my brief hunger


nature, like you

February 14, 2009

while you’re away

I sit by the bay

and sip its cool breeze

till loneliness leaves

chased by a wind

residing therein

making waves shine

like sparkling wine

reflecting your eyes

from up in the skies

the sun’s warmth melts through

embracing as you

filling the hole

I felt in my soul

funny, but true

how nature’s like you

salsa sweetheart

February 14, 2009

with a simple step, rock, step

you knocked me off my feet

how do you move your hips like that

and keep a steady beat?


the rhythm of the music

was always lost on me

until I set my eyes on you

and watched it set you free


1, 2, 3, I hear it now

pronounced by your sweet sway

5, 6, 7, heaven’s gait

it takes my breath away


the visual is stunning

each line, each separate part

the dance floor is your canvas

your moves, a work of art


feel me girl, come dance with me

let’s take another turn

there’s still some steps for you to teach

and one or two to learn


February 7, 2009

tension is a tease tonight

I feel it in your kisses

breaking intermittently

twixt whispers of your wishes


conscious, deep, staccato breaths

sustain unsteady gaits

moving us along the wall

as anxious passion waits


tripping, slipping, fumbling

amid the magic act

of shedding all our cloth restraints

desires still in tact


awkwardly we dance these steps

into a quiet room

a place of warmth and comfort

where love may be consumed


smiles melt to subtle stares

intentions focus in

responding to each other’s touch

upon warm tender skin


kisses grow in eagerness

in depth, intensity

a playful nip, a lip, an ear

set inhibitions free


appetites increasing

as gently we recline

feasting on each other

our bodies intertwine


from life-giving gifts we taste

draw pleasure’s sweet release

insatiable desires

persist in acts to please


in ultimate expression

raw, rough, and unrelieved

a primal form of ecstasy

is physically achieved


through union we bond endlessly

to consummate a love

conceived in Eden’s garden

with blessings from above


return of the ripper

February 5, 2009

I must have walked these thoroughfares

some centuries ago

a taste for blood upon my lips

an evil now well known


these alleyways and corners

these empty lonely streets

I sense they were my feeding ground

my butcher shop of meets


you were just a child then

a trusting, loving soul

who offered me your wounded heart

then played the victim’s role


the deepest cut was that struck first

though each drew darker red

I bathed in all your tender warmth

and reveled as you bled


when you outlived your usefulness

your body drained and cold

I left your pieces to the dregs

the starving, weak, and old


I knew nothing then of love

consumed by basic lust

until the day my body died

my all reduced to dust


no measure of a soul was found

no lessons had I learned

this surely was the reason

I since was here returned


I knew not of my past deeds

when next you came my way

with beauty of such magnitude

it took my breath away


your essence filled a void in me

and I began anew

seeking warmth in different form

through my true love for you


but something strange and secret

kept you and I apart

I felt a coolness to your touch

reflected in your heart


“close, but not that close,” you said

words echoing a fear

at once I recognized your stare

as holding back a tear


your disposition and its cause

preoccupied my mind

no reason could you offer me

nor any could I find


until the nightmares started

those brutal memories

of cries, of blood, of chaos

of what was once then me


I left you there in agony

a hapless, helpless sight

eternity in hell is mine

for what I did that night


now here I sit, my love is gone

the sun begins to fade

I feel the taste of lust once more

just playing with this blade


the long walk back

February 2, 2009

this might seem a simple journey

as the path, now grown familiar

was once cleared of its obstructions

by your long devoted labor


but these next few steps are heavy

weighted down in disappointment

as they retrace empty promise

in retreat of your ambition


every footfall fends frustration

as your failures, recommitted

in some thoughtful reinvention

draw their length onto this shadow


‘cross a slow, deliberate gauntlet

lay the shards of broken dreams

from beneath which taunting whispers

sit in poisoned pools of doubt


and the best of well-intentioned

will advise you to abandon

what they claim is mere self pity

and forego this long walk back


yet to simply change direction

or declare a new beginning

would, through that now left unfinished

take this loss beyond surrender


for at stake in every venture

there is more than in your purpose

as the ‘what’ you have desired

falls away to ‘who’ you are


and the soul, the very spirit

which breathes life to inspiration

while surviving your misfortune

is within this same exposed


revelation and creation

coexist in this unveiling

as your best and worst are bared

to a catalyst for change


it is now, if best can conquer

all the worst of weary sorrow

something more than first desired

is through resolution gained


for it’s here, along the gauntlet

‘mid its sometime painful lessons

you observe the distance traveled

and successes you’ve ignored


from the strength therein revealed

step by step the walk grows lighter

wounds thought mortal soon are healing

and your doubts begin to fade


weakness bleeds through this creation

as new character emerges

forged in greater faith and courage

to endure, pursue, prevail


this might seem the hardest journey

as the path, though grown familiar

sits in wait with new obstructions

and no longer cedes your dreams


but your steps, though first be heavy

will surmount that disappointment

with new promise and ambition

in a future of success.