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viagra, anyone?

July 10, 2009

this is disturbing, this little blue pill
science enhancing the tool not the skill
as if endurance alone was a thrill
it’s not a romp, it’s a four-hour drill
continuing on though the body’s a shill
drains her of more than just passion and will
leaving some angry and ready to kill
too great a price for one chemical spill.


diva 131

July 6, 2009

as publicly professed
a diva to be sure
yet somethings left unsaid
reveal a great deal more

more than just a dancer
whose rhythm, charm, and grace
helped her friends and partners
find music’s sweet embrace

more than just a joker
whose sharp revealing wit
reflects a cool impatience
with truths we won’t admit

more than inspiration
demanding but sincere
expecting those around her
will conquer what they fear

a woman whose wry smiles
conceal a child’s schemes
a faith in life’s true magic
and love for all life’s dreams.

looking into Frankenstein

July 2, 2009

these disturbing images
stitched in blood so carefully
mark the spot the reaper touched
as he briefly passed by me

are they as the creature saw
when he first returned to life
scarred yet rescued by the blade
of that famous doctor’s knife?

startled and uncomfortable
with these sights to him unknown
but relieved to have regained
present form of flesh and bone

curious, this lesson learned
as the body falls diseased
life seems more a gift possessed
than experience perceived