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November 21, 2018

that time has come once again
to reach out to family and friends
to share what is best
what is loved, what is blessed
to strengthen, to bond, and to mend

each year, some spirits will stray
some hopes, some dreams, slip away
but joined with whole hearts
those lost make new starts
as a part of what’s given this day

for whether you have or have not
it’s likely the best of your lot
is better defined
by your peace of mind
than anything else that you’ve got

and the greatest of gifts to receive
inspires the soul to believe
it can and it will
someday fulfill
the dreams it seeks to achieve


i drink, therefore i am

November 22, 2017

(insight at 100 proof)

the more i drink
the more i think
the less i guess i know

as if my past
were scripted, cast
created like a show

my hopes, my dreams
just central themes
through which the actors grow

as roles dissolve
and plots evolve
while writers come and go


yet i remain
my role maintained
atop the grand marquee

its best, its worst
what’s blessed, what’s cursed
displayed for all to see

which makes me drink
which makes me think
while much is meant to be

i must believe
what i achieve
is left, in part, to me

the cat in the hat takes a bat

September 29, 2017

i did not need your grief today
i do not need it any day
i wanted you to go away
and leave me here in peace

yet you remained, despite my plea
continuing to torture me
too ignorant or lost to see
my seething rage increase

you stupid, worthless, soulless thing
satan breeds less suffering
than your incessant yammering
still nothing made you cease

so this is what you made me do
it wasn’t what i wanted to
but warranted to silence you
as i advised police

santa, accused, responds…

December 22, 2016

cease and desist, dear madam
from these false things you say
your wicked accusations
a thoughtless zeal display

though true, i enter houses
amid the dark of night
even scrooge withdrew his charge
upon last christmas’ light

and not an elf would whisper
they’ve ever been mistreated
let alone deprived of goods
or by my check been cheated

i never did withhold my name
all decent people know
exactly who, and what, i am
and when, and where, i go

the cookies you allege i stole
were offerings to me
left by grateful, loving souls
for gifts beneath each tree

the egg nog had no alcohol
no accidents occurred
the reindeer fly, so i don’t ‘drive’
your claims are just absurd

but most offensive of them all
is lewdness in my work
i don’t jingle my own bells
i never even twerk

i suggest you start anew
review your ‘so called’ proof
unless, of course, these charges brought
were meant as just a spoof


January 28, 2016

we live, we die
but don’t know why
so struggle to believe
such gifts bestowed
are earned or owed
to creatures so naïve

as if our worth
were weighed on earth
by how we see our roles
or misplayed parts
or wary hearts
condemned our very souls

or children’s lies
were so despised
a parent could not love
forgive, embrace
through gestures, grace
conceived somewhere above

coke addict

May 1, 2015

she’s a delight, just ask her
a stellar colleague too
a model wife
whose perfect life
she’ll kindly share with you

and you’ll be better for it
she’ll give a guarantee
for she’s been blessed
if not possessed
by gifts that few have seen

so studious, so quiet
so diligent and sweet
not one cross word
is ever heard
from her she’s so discrete

her patience, everlasting
her contemplation, wise
she calms, she solves
as she resolves
to answer and advise

unless, of course, she’s drinking
that poison that she likes
she’s not serene
when Coke’s caffeine
has hit her and she spikes

which, to be quite honest
occurs most every day
so all her friends
demand, depend
on gear and combat pay

we don’t truly mind this
instead, we use it well
we pour a cup
and wind her up
to litigate like hell

that’s her secret weapon
her alter ego hero
that sweet and kind
can lose her mind
on nothing but Coke zero

these words

March 14, 2013

there’s a failing, there’s a weakness
in our formidable vocabulary
for those descriptions of emotion
beyond their garden variety

at best, these words are mere reflections
brief images of an ocean’s surface
whose depth is as often misjudged by the listener
as it is concealed by the speaker’s apprehension

with a child’s conviction, we speak of ‘suffering’
the cuts, bruises, and stings of a day’s play
having yet to comprehend, even imagine
the varying forms of loss which follow time

so does the drama of humanity,
experience, exceed all a man can say
assuming he had courage enough
to intend revelation of his true heart

and love, to speak of it, oft means no more
than the recollection of those in conversation
whose memories, be they sour or sweet
subconsciously sway some imminent will

let us not ‘fall’, then, into these words
but use them, share them, learn from them
to create our own scene for a new drama
one lived the same as it is spoken

where the best of faith, love, trust, and respect
give each the confidence and ambition
to dive deep beneath that ocean’s surface
in search of the beauty we dreamed would be below

the window

January 30, 2013

there’s a window in the attic
straight above
it’s a portal to the heavens
born of love

where we used to lay together
watch the sky
posing questions of creation
asking why

seeking answers to the mystery
purpose, role
for divining one so tiny
as a soul

what’s to harvest of the will 
sown from this seed
why breathe life into conception 
what’s the need

though we searched throughout the stars      
in long debate
not an answer that we found
could i relate

save conclusions that our search       
was somewhat flawed
and a smile and a kiss
are proof of God

honoring Andrew

July 1, 2011

like father, like son
the best of each one
revealed in these words
by tragedy stirred

a life, sixteen years
a gift, joy and tears
recalled hereupon
a promise passed on

to live, young at heart
seek music and art
but show all regard
do right and work hard

to love and to dream
and sometimes to scheme
of the risk or the dare
when you haven’t a prayer

to hold loved ones close
your family, the most
and thank God for life
despite pain and strife

remarkable lines
of a father’s design
to teach everyone       
how to honor his son.

for my good friend Joel, upon the passing of his son

easter eggs

April 24, 2011

beyond all faith, the soul believes
and proof aside, the mind conceives
enough to let the children play
and hunt for colored eggs today
before this magic season leaves

in their pursuit, there’s more it seems
than something of a bunny’s schemes
as if promise stretched its wings
while guided still by apron strings
to seek one of its early dreams

and we, so long past such sweet starts  
recall each step, each little part
blissfully so unaware
every moment that we share
renews those dreams in our own hearts