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I remember Otis Redding

December 31, 2008

I remember Otis Redding

and the song ‘These Arms of Mine’

and holding onto Juliet

if only for a moment’s time


the breath, the tears, the quiver shake

the whisper of a truest love

the strength consumed by our sweet dance

infused by Venus from above


the verses shared by candlelight

intoxicating lines undressed

enhanced by sips of pink champagne

and kisses as a rose, soft pressed


for years forgotten, swept away

these memories I hid from view

but suddenly my heart, reborn,

 seeks the passion it once knew


wherefore art thou, Juliet?

how your Romeo does grieve

for the loss of your embrace

and the love he can’t retrieve

the midnight rain

December 31, 2008



you need no explanation

in your heart you always knew

this apocalyptic ending

was a prophecy come true


as you stand alone in silence

tasting cold and bitter tears

in a suicidal state

you recall the wasted years


when you thought the world was kinder

when true love was in your heart

now its all consumed by darkness

and your soul is ripped apart


so you gently draw the blade

you have forged through all this pain

contemplating your demise

as begins the midnight rain.





what compels this disposition

is a mystery unknown

from what seed of your emotion

is your self-destruction sewn?


is it anguish? your self-pity?

is it abject fear or shame?

on what form of human weakness

is it best to place the blame?


or could the fault lie elsewhere

with an external source

was it your friend or lover

who drove you to this course?


in the shadows, in the darkness

in the black hole now your brain

a figure slowly rises

as proceeds the midnight rain. 






the rationale’s convincing

your deed is not a sin

it merely wrecks the empty shell

you once resided in


the gift you once were given

others took away

it wasn’t your decision

that led your soul astray


through every twist and turn in life

you acted as you should

you passed the test, or so you thought

by motives pure and good


but now your strength is fading

warm red pours out your pain

and smiling at midnight

stands Satan in the rain.


the storm

December 31, 2008

another pretty lightning strike

has lit the sky offshore

but this is not a quiet storm

like most I’ve seen before


begun in silent beauty

its distance first concealed

a closer wind now gathers

as echoes are revealed


reverberating sounds

arising in the east

soon thunder with the rage

of some approaching beast


increasing in intensity

they roll across the sky

chasing after flashes

through clouds about to cry


the world begins to shake

with nature’s breath and tears

evoking deep emotions

as the cataclysm nears


and yet a passion’s raised

amid this savage noise

a strange exhilaration

which the hungry soul enjoys


for this is where it feeds

its lost disquiet heart

where courage, will, and wisdom

are forged for a new start


thank God for this harsh rain

its challenges, its strife

without it there’s no growth

or renewal in this short life


December 31, 2008

somewhere between the dry and the damp

in the aftermath of a perfect light rain

the air seems unusually sweet

as if perfumed by nature’s renewal


it is a brief but precious moment

like your presence on Sunday afternoons

each having passed without fair notice

’til there spirit and fragrance converged


at the point of this coincidence

as you slipped, brushing across my body

I caught a glimpse of your smile

and felt the tempo of the world slow down


a gentle rush of warmer blood

seemed to reanimate my senses

lifting the dullness of life’s deliberate speed

to reveal the magic of its beauty


in the instant, two cycles were joined

by the common thread of rebirth

a cleansing of the earth and the soul

designed to ensure the growth of each


what a mastermind He is at this

these little trappings of the universe

and what a sense of humor in my case

that it be your slip that made me fall


December 30, 2008

deep within the marble

lay David all unknown

till a pair of loving hands

did violence to the stone


labored was the sculptor

who brought to life this art

taking what was common rock

then tearing it apart


crushed like none before it

broken piece by piece

surely did the marble wish

its agony to cease


but from devastation

from cuts felt most unkind

did the sculptor in this rock

an untold beauty find


such is all creation

a part of nature’s whole

as endless as the tears He’ll shed

to carve a living soul

in camera

December 30, 2008

everything is video

nothing’s in real time

life is merely images

recorded in the mind


much is in perception

your chosen point of view

altering the concepts of

reality and truth


now and then the picture

is captured as it seems

filtered through a bias

imposed by prior scenes


this can skew the focus

or angle of the lens

causing us to edit

significant events


sometimes it’s a blessing

a true survival tool

helping heal the consequence

of unintended wounds


but it can be a curse

addictive and abused

when for pure convenience

we recreate anew


altering the story

before its reached its end

blinds us to the gifts which lay

in nature’s true intent


no one knows the future

what changes time will bring

nightmares fade and dreams appear

as fast as we can blink


better then we limit

those alterations made

that compromise our vision

for just a moment’s sake


as in the sight we dread

one slated to be pitched

lay the road to paradise

we surely would have missed

this is a moment

December 30, 2008

twisting across my fingers

your hand moved to a hold

though it felt out of step

it seemed intentional


I might have kept going

having missed so much else

always preoccupied

and thinking too much


but your hand said, “stop”

“this is a moment”

“listen to my touch

before it leaves you”


a caress whispering

of those possibilities

resting tentatively

in your unconscious thoughts


such a precarious thing

traversing the silent bridge

between uncertain desires

and learned apprehension


words cannot cross it

for they weigh too much

on minds already in doubt

of the questioned course


this is among life’s magic

that the brief, the fleeing

so easily lost to doubt

can be won with a smile


a lesson in all things

that the simple can be more

where the heart’s intent

escapes the mind’s reservation


two wrongs

December 30, 2008

years ago a body lay

upon this very spot

a runaway, disposable

a girl too soon forgot


she came here to escape her pain

and all the city lights

that hid the beauty of the stars

from each of us at night


she told me of this secret place

and shared with me a kiss

she spoke of dreams unendingly

so much of life she’d missed


despite the scars of harsh abuse

her soul was pure inside

she wished for love and worldly peace

until the night she died


they say the man who murdered her

was someone they all know

police had caught him once before

but had to let him go


another child’s bloody clothes

were found in his possession

when asked what was it he had done

he gave a full confession


yet all this proof was then ignored

by those who make our laws

because of claims it was obtained

without sufficient cause


some officers had moved in haste

their acts our courts condemn

but punishment for their mistakes

was never dealt to them


instead the bitter consequence

lay motionless right here

where justice failed a teenage girl

who I once held so dear


where did all our fairness go?

when did we lose sight

of the simple common phrase

two wrongs don’t make a right?

all I want

December 30, 2008

I would have thought your question

so simple in its phrasing

yet so deep in its meaning

compelled an answer beyond me


what can anyone ‘want’ of another?

we cannot possess each other

or change the character of life

anymore then we can time or space


we may share ourselves, our lives

but we do so with many

absent the intimate bond

my soul seeks at the sight of you


upon reflection, it is this:

all I want is knowledge

the single precious possession

that breathes life into our emotions


I want to know you, all of you

to see your heart and soul as real

witness to their depths and shallows

to their beauty as well as their scars


I want to know the reasons

behind your smiles, sighs, and tears

to know the dreams that inspire

and the thoughts that leave you restless


I want to know the taste of your lips

the feel of your hair against my skin

and the sound of your measured breathing

as it loses its rhythm to passion


this is all I want, for it is all

sought not to possess or change you

but to enrich who and what you are

through which the same is achieved for me

to my unknown beloved

December 30, 2008

which of my sins, I wonder

keeps me away from you?

what careless act committed

leaves destiny outwitted

and our spirit split in two?


what a shameful waste it was

in thought, in word, in deed

as should tip the hand of fate

who, concealing my soul’s mate

now creates this endless need


in my travels I have searched

seen beauty, charm, and grace

but of passion, and of fire,

all the things I most desire,

seen barely but a trace


tell me, are you there my dear?

did our paths cross on this day?

is the sin of which I speak

merely that I was too meek

and could find no words to say?