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easter eggs

April 24, 2011

beyond all faith, the soul believes
and proof aside, the mind conceives
enough to let the children play
and hunt for colored eggs today
before this magic season leaves

in their pursuit, there’s more it seems
than something of a bunny’s schemes
as if promise stretched its wings
while guided still by apron strings
to seek one of its early dreams

and we, so long past such sweet starts  
recall each step, each little part
blissfully so unaware
every moment that we share
renews those dreams in our own hearts


be here

April 17, 2011

be here, in this moment  
and clothe your soul in mine
wake those sleeping memories
of fairy tales sublime

draw deep, from the wellspring
a breath so full and sweet
that time dare not disturb it
from the point our lips first meet

kiss me, with the passion
of all that drew your tears
until lost dreams know hope again
until you’ve chased your fears

take me, to that secret place
your heart feels free to fly
let’s revel in love’s mystery
and try to touch the sky

be here, in this moment
for it will soon be gone
like life itself, an echo
seeking cause to carry on

if there were (1982)

April 11, 2011

if there were words
for all that we feel
a page could bring comfort
and help one’s heart heal
through wisdom conveyed
in the thoughts it revealed

and if there were stars
in every night sky
for passionate lovers
to be guided by
the sound of a kiss
would consume every sigh

and if there were peace
through all of this land
then children of all men
could walk hand in hand
conquering hatred
by deed, not command

and if there were faith
within each of us
if we but believed
as a matter of trust
in God and the heavens
and did as we must…

together with courage
the words we would find
to comfort each heart
to love, to be kind
and make our own peace
with whomever we find.