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September 27, 2018

i don’t know how to say it
i doubt i ever will
yet i sense this silence
holds something sweeter still

a moment more and passion
will overtake us both
embracing to a kiss
perhaps, one day, an oath

but nothing, more or less
is likely to compare
to all i now perceive
as this instant makes aware

if poetry possesses
the words my soul would don
i could not speak them anyway
for all my breath is gone


true beauty

September 25, 2018

simple, pretty, ageless grace
lines the heart, the soul, retrace
coloring in love’s first hue
images and thoughts of you

innocence, revealed in blush
something of a schoolboy crush
childish, yet full of fire
wanton, but still pure, desire

stirred by more than i’d perceived
or understood, or once believed
have i now such strong emotion
as creates this new devotion

Keats was right, despite his youth
truth is beauty, beauty truth
and all i need to know, i do
to declare these feelings true

the five second rule

September 11, 2018

there’s nothing good about it
this thing we bite or lick
we’re likely to regret it
we’ll probably get sick

but most of us still do it
we always have, and will
there’s something in our nature
which finds this thing a thrill

for in the act of falling
it’s made us want it more
as if we need to have it
because it’s on the floor

strangely, this same logic
explains a lot we do
like why you’re with that moron
and what i see in you

by way of explanation…

September 4, 2018

some are playing checkers
some are playing chess
some are thinking deeply
others merely guess

some can tell the difference
others never know
which is why you’re fired
and we’re asking you to go