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painting wallpaper

February 23, 2014

toxic mold is dripping
throughout these hallowed halls
feeding off the rotting glue
that papered all these walls

so maintenance is here
with orders to repair
by painting all the paper
till new smells choke the air

some of us are dizzy
and some of us are faint
while others just see colors
in shades unlike the paint

the email that we sent
expressing our dismay
was forwarded to someone
who wasn’t in today

so no one sees the problem
and we’re left on our own
to fend off all the creatures
this stench has since now grown

there’s purple hippo horses
there’s orange eagle mice
and racing on my desktop
there’s a giant form of lice

they’re quiet at the moment
but something’s got to give
the talking pen i’m holding
says we haven’t long to live


her explanation

February 16, 2014

there is always a reason
she said
if not
if God’s really dead
if nothing moves fate
if love can’t create
then life is just something we shed


February 16, 2014

our words tell so much less
than what we mean to say
they’re such a tiny part
of all our thoughts convey
and far too much of us
is often on display
to think we could conceal
the truth we oft betray
to others as ourselves
through roles our souls portray
beyond the looking glass
when kneeling down to pray